2022 Guide to E-bikes for Commuting

2022 Guide to E-bikes for Commuting

This year's ongoing pandemic and high energy costs have placed a lot of strain on the average family. The rising cost of petrol has prompted many individuals to seek out other means of transportation. If you can't perform your job from home or your employer is eliminating its work-from-home policy, this will be critical to you since the expense of commuting is far more than it was a few years ago.


Fortunately, there are now more choices than ever for a fast, simple, and healthy commute. E-bikes are what we specialize in, but there are many other affordable modes of transportation out there if you don't already own an e-bike. With an e-bike, you don't have to worry about high gas prices, parking, or traffic congestion since you get to your destination in a matter of minutes.


Riding a traditional bike has the drawback of making you sweaty and requiring you to change clothes upon arrival. Because of innovative pedal assist and long-range e-bike batteries, commuters may be active and peaceful at the same time on their e-bike. Arrive at work rejuvenated rather than as if you were simply pedaling there thanks to the electric assist pedal technology (even if you did). If you're planning to ride an e-bike to work, check out our complete guide to 2022 commuters on e-bikes.


 The benefits of e-bikes for commuting

There are many benefits to commuting on an e-bike. Whether you just ride your e-bike to work or use it to replace your car, you can benefit from exercise, decrease car exhaust emissions, and reduce traffic congestion.

  1. Physical exercise

One of the benefits of an e-bike is that it reduces the stress and physical exertion required to propel the bike. While an e-bike may feel easy compared to a conventional bike, it's still a great form of exercise. E-bikes are also perfect for those who can not ride a regular bike due to age or past injuries.

You might feel like e-bike workouts are cheating. In fact, research shows that e-bike cyclists may even enjoy moderate-intensity workouts and enjoy the ride more than traditional cyclists. E-bikes can also increase your heart rate and breathing just like conventional bicycles. Or because they can ride longer distances and for longer periods of time.And, when you're not sweating and getting tired at work, e-bikes represent the perfect way to get a workout on your daily commute, while traditional cyclists might abandon riding altogether to avoid the embarrassment of sweating. Over time, e-bikes will increasingly help with health and fitness.

To get more exercise on your e-bike and increase the potential health benefits, you should keep the pedal assist low until you need to use it; this can also extend your battery life. However, the same study shows that cyclists who consistently ride for at least 30 minutes a day still burn 200–450 calories. That's way more calories than you would burn in a car.

  1. Environmental protection

It is not difficult to deduce that riding an e-bike is more environmentally friendly than driving a car. E-bikes are one of the potentially important tools for tackling global warming compared to other commuting modes. It can take you longer and farther with the help of a rechargeable battery.

  1. Save on gas bills

Not surprisingly, the price of gasoline and natural gas keeps skyrocketing. Recent resource shortages are a reminder of the price volatility of petroleum fuels and natural gas. However, by commuting by e-bike, you can save on gas consumption. This is also your small contribution to protecting the environment. Plus, e-bikes only cost to recharge or perform basic maintenance, making e-bikes the most economical way to get around on your commute or as an alternative to a car.

  1. Easy parking

E-bike cyclists often get to their destination faster than drivers, yet drivers are still going in circles looking for parking spaces. With an e-bike, you can quickly walk into a building instead of wasting time and money in the parking lot. If you opt for an e-bike with a folding frame and steerer tube like the Shengmilo MX20, you can even take the e-bike directly to your desk.

 How to choose the most suitable e-bike for commuting?

Choosing the most suitable e-bike is the first step in replacing a car. We've previously covered tips for picking the right electric commuter bike on the Shengmilo website. But it's also worth taking the time to research the many types of commuter e-bikes on the market, including e-mountain bikes, foldable e-bikes, and e-road bikes. So, which e-bikes are best for commuting?

Shengmilo offers a wide range of commuter e-bikes that make it possible to ride not only on city roads but also on country roads without stress, and even off-road e-bikes. Here you can find the best e-bikes.

MX03 is our most popular commuter e-bike. This is the ultimate full-suspension electric fat tire bike for the cyclist who wants to visit the grocery store, religious center, or workplace quickly and comfortably.

MX20 is an ideal urban-style e-bike for the commuter at an affordable price. The MX20 e-bike is light, compact and foldable, which brings great convenience to your commute to and from work.

MX02S is also a fat tire e-bike designed for long commutes. If you have a longer commute or want to explore the nearby forest park, the MX02S is the e-bike for you. Stay comfortable on long rides and get there faster and easier.

If you want to hit rough roads or carry some gear, the M90 cargo e-bike is perfect. The Shengmilo M90 is the perfect bike for your commute when you need to transport your shopping or equipment. The M90 can carry heavy gear or anything you need for your daily commute or urban adventure.

E-Bike Commuting Tips

  • Follow road safety

Please obey all traffic lights and speed limit signs. When riding a bike lane or city street, you must obey many of the same laws as a car, including stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, and keeping your eyes on the road.

  • Wear a bike helmet

Always wear a bike helmet when riding an e-bike. You may think your ride is great and nothing bad will happen, but a helmet is always cheaper than your life. If possible, look for helmets with rear lights, especially if you plan to commute during the difficult-to-see hours of dawn or dusk.

  • Charge the battery

This is a good suggestion for your usual pedal-assisted rides. You can ride 45-50 miles and can easily commute multiple times before needing a charge. However, it is good practice to monitor the battery level via the LCD display at the end of each ride. It's best to recharge as soon as you get home from getting off work. There's no worse mood than finding out that you forgot to charge the battery the next morning when you get on an e-bike.

 If you're looking for a healthy and eco-friendly way to get to work, e-bikes are a great alternative to traditional bikes, public transport, and cars. You can find your perfect commuter e-bike in Shnegmilo.


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