5 Ways to Avoid Your Ebike Getting Stolen

Electric bike thief in broad daylight

Electric bicycles are nothing new. People who have never lost electric bikes seem a little strange. I have also lost own ebike. Since thieves are so rampant now, how can we prevent theft?

If your electric bicycle is of high value, morerover,you buy it for riding or competition, etc. Also you have high requirements for the bike, you will defend your bike. Such a bike is the object that thieves like to patronize. What is there? How to protect it, I will simply list several methods for reference.

  • Keep the ebike within your sight

If you can be inseparable with your bike, so that thieves have no chance to start, keep the bike in your sight when you need the bike, and put the bike away in your home when the ride is over. When you park your e-bike at home, keep it private and out of sight. Put it in your garage or in a separate room. Maybe you think it's too much trouble and just put the electric bike outside your home or garden. When a thief sees it, he steals it.

  • Make your e-bike ugly

It seems that this method is useless for many people, because they are reluctant to give their bike a face. Spray paint the new bike you bought to make your bike look shabby and maybe have the luck to escape the thief's crime range.

If I were a thief I would choose the bike above. Granted, camouflaging your e-bike might not be entirely acceptable, and you might be in a bad mood while riding because of such an ugly bike.

  • Lock the ebike somewhere public when outside

When parking electric bicycles, if there is a paid parking lot nearby, try to park the bike in a paid parking lot that is guarded. After all, you have spent a small amount of money in exchange for the safety of our bike. Because thieves don't like being monitored when they steal bikes. If you park your e-bikes in very busy places, the chances of them being overlooked are extremely small. The last thing they want is to be caught by the police. Make sure where you leave your e-bike: 1. Park where there is a camera, even at night with bright lights. 2. Keep it in a supervised place, requiring a custodial fee

  •  Get a highquality electric bike lock

If you think the above methods are not feasible, the best way is to lock your bike, instead of a random $7 lock, even if the lock is too cheap, it is harmless to thieves. It is the same without a lock, because the lock cylinder of this kind of lock has a simple design and weak resistance to hydraulic clamps. It is easy for you to open it and easy for a thief to open it.

Some people say that with the lock, thieves can steal the electric bike. Of course, no matter what kind of lock, the thief will have a way to deal with it. What you can do is to be able to hold the thief for a little more time, the longer the thief unlocks the lock, the more nervous he will be, when his psychological defense line is reached, he will abandon the bike, at the same time too long the target is too obvious, also will arouse suspicion from others.

How to delay a thief successfully stealing your electric bike? You drop by the supermarket to buy something after get off work and park your electric bike near the supermarket. Can you make sure it's still in place when you come out? In many cases, your Ebike is safe as long as you have a high-quality lock. But there are many styles of locks on the market, such as U-shaped locks, D-shaped locks, chain locks, etc. What kind of lock should you choose? Shengmilo folding lock stands out among these locks, it is composed of zinc alloy and ABS. The inner layer of the zinc alloy lock body is stronger than the ordinary lock body; the outer layer of nylon cling film does not scratch the frame. It has strong anti-cutting, anti-drilling keyhole and anti-smashing lock body functions. What's more, it is very small and portable, and does not increase the burden of riding. You can mount it on the frame, under the saddle tube or in a bike bag. You don't have to struggle to get the lock in place and your bike is well protected from theft.

  • Register your ebike and buy insurance

After the electric bicycle is registered, even if it is stolen, the license plate of each electric bicycle is different, so you can quickly retrieve it for you based on this photo as a search clue. At the same time, it is recommended that you buy insurance for your bike, and even if your bicycle is stolen one day, you will get a certain amount of compensation.

Thanks for reading this article, we share some very useful tips and tricks. We hope these tips and tricks help protect your e-bike from theft.

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