Black Friday is Coming!

Black Friday is Coming!

Get ready! Black Friday is Coming! For this thrilling event, we have planned a huge promotion!

Black Friday Sale Validity Period:
Nov. 9, 2022, to Nov. 30, 2022

PS: All models are eligible for this offer.

PPS: All Shengmilo electric bike models are compatible with this promotion. The two choices you have are as follows.


Option A

Buy one Ebike and get € 232 in Nine Free Accessories.

free accessories

Option B 

Buy two Ebike and get € 582 in Twenty Free Accessories.

free bike accessories


There is no need to add to the cart; simply note the Option name that you selected to receive the gift!

buy a Shengmilo electric bike

Please keep in mind that this package will arrive separately from the Shengmilo e-bike you purchased.

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  • Durand

    Bonjour. Pas très clair votre promotion offrant pour 232€ d’accessoires. En effet rien ne s’affiche lors du paiement et surtout abonné date exacte n’est donnée pour l’application de cette promo. Est elle déjà effective ou fait il attendre le black friday. Cordialement.

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