Shengmilo Bike: 2022's Best Budget E-Bike

Sheng Milo mx02 verkaufen sich gut in Deutschland

E-bikes are becoming more popular because of their fun and economic convenience, particularly the sorts of cheap e-bikes described below.


As gasoline prices continue to soar (the global average for gasoline is $1.44 per liter), these low-cost e-bikes have become even more appealing for short trips or recreation. Even though global supply chains have made it hard to find non-assisted bikes, you can still buy cheap e-bikes online from consumer direct-to-consumer companies and have them sent to your door in a week or less.


The best budget e-bikes offer many of the same benefits as the most incredible e-bikes, but for less. These versions have the ability to help you walk, climb mountains, and go further without breaking a sweat. They're perfect for anyone looking for an alternative mode of transportation which doesn't want to spend too much money and wants more movement and range than the best electric scooters.


Many low-cost e-bikes, on the other hand, are made of substandard materials or have substandard components. The best e-bikes under 1400 euros have been thoroughly vetted by us.


The Shengmilo MX02S e-bike is our top pick for 2022 on a budget.


The Shengmilo MX02S commuter e-bike is fun to ride. This is an excellent commuter e-bike for those looking for a long-lasting and versatile e-bike. When put through its paces, this e-bike should be able to handle just about any terrain.


Power, mileage, and style are all in perfect harmony in this bike's design. Compared to other e-bikes in their price range, this one is by far the best option. The smooth ride, effortless turning, and long-lasting build quality of the MX02S make it an excellent choice.


The 1000W motor and low-cut aluminum frame promote ride stability.


The rear-drive hub motor is driven by a strong 48V/17Ah Shengmilo battery. Also included is a powerful 48V/2A battery charger. When you want a rapid charge, this ought to be helpful. Shengmilo has the most speed of 30 to 55 miles when the battery is completely charged.


The Shengmilo MX02S also comes with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur. This is crucial for commuter e-bikes that can carry up to 330 pounds. The balance of the handlebar twist throttle and hydraulic disc brakes is excellent. The brakes are excellent in general. There is a lot to say about the MX02S, so make sure you wear a safety bike helmet. Let's examine the layout and conduct a thorough assessment of this commuter e-bike.


Shengmilo MX02S: Electrical Specifications and Features

Battery: 48V 17Ah battery Remote Li-Ion Battery

Display: LCD Smart Waterproof LCD Display

Motor: Shengmilo 1000W brushless gear motor with 95NM torque

Light: 48-volt headlight

Pedal Assist: Level 5 pedal assist, top speed of 35 mph.

Range: 25-50 miles or more

Throttle: Right half twist throttle, top speed of 25 mph


Shengmilo MX02S Components and Accessories

Brakes: Disc Brakes Hydraulic

Fork: alloy front suspension fork, including lockout and change.

Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy frame

Gear: Shimano-14-28T

Transmission: Shimano 7-speed shifting system.

Grip and Saddle:Shengmilo Comfort Grip and saddle

Handlebar: Aluminum alloy.

Pedals: Aluminum Wellgo Pedals, including reflectors

Tires: 26" x 4" CHAOYANG puncture-resistant tires

    Shengmilo MX02S Dimensions and Weight

    Weight of the battery: 6 lbs.

    Total bike weight: 70.5 lbs. (including battery)

    Rider Height: 5'3" to 6'4"

    The largest rider weight is 400 pounds.

    The largest load on the rear rack is 330 pounds.


      The Shengmilo MX02S is an excellent commuter e-bike that is both easy to use and inexpensive. The MX02S e-bike is presently available on Shengmilo's official website for 1399 euros. You will get all of the essential add-ons and accessories as part of the overall delivery. The Shengmilo MX02S includes complementary accessories including a pump, maintenance kit, and rear rack, which may save you up to €100 depending on the model. The Shengmilo MX02S is a low-cost product.


      When an e-bike has more features, it costs more. When you add in other price pressures in the industry, the price of e-bikes has gone up in a way that isn't good over the last year.


      Shengmilo's €1399 price is just right, as it's not too expensive for most people but not so cheap as to use many low-quality parts.




      Only one size is available for e-bikes: The aluminum frame of this e-bike is exceptionally sturdy. As a result of its simple, step-by-step design, it can be used by people of any age or gender. You'll notice a luggage rack attached to the fender at the back of the vehicle. It's strong enough to hold a saddle bag on long rides thanks to its attachment to the bike's frame. One of the most durable and strongest rear racks for an e-bike.


      MX02S Shengmilo Motor


      In the event that more torque is required, the Shengmilo MX02S has a rear hub motor. The rear hub motor on the MX02S has a maximum power rating of 1000 watts.


      With pedal assist and throttle modes, the Shengmilo MX02S can be used. Twist the suitable handlebar handle to increase power when pedal assist isn't enough. Quick bursts of 1000W can be achieved by squeezing the throttle to the limit. For short trips around town, the Shengmilo MX02S e-torque bike's rating of 95 NM makes it an excellent commuter option.


      Battery Shengmilo MX02S


      The Shengmilo MX02S is powered by a Shengmilo 48V, 17Ah Li-Ion battery. It fits snugly into the battery compartment and is perfectly aligned with the frame. You can use a spare battery if necessary because the battery is removable.


      The MX02S has an average range of 30 to 55 miles on a full charge, eliminating the need for a second battery pack. Shengmilo also ensures that the battery has a 17Ah capacity.


      Grade (Acceleration & Velocity)


      The Shengmilo MX02S is a fast bike that can reach speeds of up to 35 mph when pedaling!


      Its 1000w geared hub motor provides quick acceleration. When riding up steep hills or against the wind, the Shengmilo MX02S takes over and keeps you comfortable and in control.


      When engaged, the throttle is also relatively smooth and responsive, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 25 mph. Throttling is a great way to speed up without pedaling and keep your speed going in tight turns and up steep hills.


      Gear Range/Shift


      The process of converting the Shengmilo MX02S is relatively simple and seamless. Seven gears complement the MX02S's five assist levels perfectly. By combining the two, you can ride anything you desire.


      While shifting is seamless, it is not advised to shift while climbing or cycling. Otherwise, you will be concerned with losing your chain. Utilize the throttle to achieve the desired speed.



      The Shengmilo MX02S is simple to start. Simply depress the 'M' button on the left-hand grip and you'll be ready in seconds, saving time.


      Before riding, the key must be inserted into the battery of the majority of e-bikes. Similarly, the Shengmilo MX02S requires a key to unlock the battery in order to activate. Don't forget to lock the battery and remove the key after your ride. Never allow thieves to attempt to steal your e-bike. Unless you remove the battery each time or park the device in plain view.


      Turning the bicycle off is as simple as turning it on. Press and hold the lowermost "M" button on the left-hand grip to power off.




      Even more rapidly, the Shengmilo MX02S decelerates rapidly. This is because the MX02S includes 170mm rotors as standard equipment.


      The choice to equip the Shengmilo with 170mm rotors was applauded, as a potent engine requires powerful brakes. A smaller rotor results in diminished braking force. This becomes problematic when decomposing at a rapid rate.


      Lock and Park


      The Shengmilo MX02S is simple and quick to park due to its heavy-duty stand and excellent handling. We believe that regardless of where you ride, you can easily park this bicycle.


      There are multiple points where the lock can be wrapped around the frame and wheels for added security. The battery removal key included with the MX02S eliminates the possibility of theft.


      The Shengmilo MX02S is a fantastic e-bike for commuting and a joy to ride. This is an excellent option for anyone seeking a durable, fast, and versatile commuter e-bike. This bicycle is the ideal combination of power, mileage, and aesthetic appeal. Undoubtedly, it will outperform every other e-bike in its price range. The MX02S offers a distinct advantage due to its comfortable ride, effortless steering, and durable construction.


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        la recomiendo yo hice 1800lk con ella ,luego compre la mx03 y ya tiene 1000kl y va genial.

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