Shengmilo M5 Display Settings

Shengmilo M5 Display Settings

LCD Display Information

The table and image below show the various features and information displayed on the LCD display.

LCD Display Controls

shengmilo m5 dispaly

The display is controlled using the 3-button display remote mounted on the left side of the handlebar (depicted at right).

The top button shows an arrow pointing up (1), the bottom button shows an arrow pointing down (2), and the middle button is labeled "MODE" (3).

Reference the LCD Display Operations table in this manual for instructions on how to perform various operations using these buttons and, when applicable, other components of the bike.

shengmilo electric bike left handlebar

LCD Display Operation

Factory Default Settings

P01: 002 (Display brightness 1-3)

P02: 001 (000 for Kilometres and 001 for Miles)

P03: 048 (48 Volts)

P04: 010 (Display shutdown 1-60 minutes)

P05: 001 (1= 5 PAS)

P06: 26.0* (Wheel diameter: 26* inches)

P07: 001 (1-100)

P08: 100  (Speed limit in kilometres: 1-100 : 100 = no speed limit, 025= Speed limit 25KM/H)

P09: 000

P10: 0002

P11: 001 (Pedal sensitivity setting range: 1-24)

P12 : 005 (Start intensity setting range: 1-5)

P13: 012

P14: 013

P15: 39.0 (low voltage alarm threshold)

P16: Odometer zero setting (Press key 5 for seconds to reset)

P17: 001

P18: 100

P19: 001

P20: 000

Common Status Code Meanings

Shengmilo M5 Status Code Meanings


  • Rasmus

    How do i turn on automatik mode on headlight?

  • Gazo D

    Hi, What is the function of the P05 setting. Why would you need the PAS modes to display 3, 5 or 9 settings. I have always kept mine in the 5 but just tried the 9 settings and have no throttle on PAS 1 can someone please explain these settings.

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