Shengmilo MX04 Review: The Most Detailed Description

Shengmilo MX04 Review: The Most Detailed Description

We may have found the answer to the quest for versatility in bikes. Finding the best alternative to a reliable car when commuting to and from work can be difficult. We need space for carrying capacity solutions for our belongings, tools, and gear. Therefore, the MX04 is perfect. The all-new Shengmilo MX04 electric bike is getting a lot of attention.

The Shengmilo MX04 is one of three new range-extending electric bikes from Shengmilo. In the world of consumer goods, it's hard to find products that combine functionality, beauty, and efficiency. Electric bikes for urban and outdoor use are popular for their modern aesthetics, adaptability, and affordability.

The retro-chic appearance, versatility, and affordability of the Shengmilo MX04 hybrid electric bike were all things we wanted to be impressed with. Here's our detailed description of riding a beginner's electric bike, including the pros and cons.

Without further ado, here is our Shengmilo MX04 review:


electric fat bike

What do you think of the Shengmilo MX04 retro smart electric bike at this time? Excellent, huh? These exact words come to mind as we take a closer look at the Shengmilo electric bike. The city bicycle's silver paint contrasts nicely with brown leather accents.

The sleek profile of the Shengmilo electric bike and the tastefully combined use of leather and metal, both of which are unusual in this class of electric bikes, give it a posh, high-quality appearance.

LCD display

The 26-inch wheels finish off the sleek, modern look of the upgraded 6061 aluminum alloy frame and the design that makes the battery easy to remove. The 720Wh battery, which gives an unexpectedly large amount of extra power, is the only thing that takes away from the otherwise sleek design. However, this will be covered in more detail below.

But first and foremost: assembly

But let's rewind for a second and start from the beginning. Thanks to Shengmilo's direct shipper status, electric bikes are delivered directly to your door by the logistics company. Electric bikes are cheaper through the direct mail model because dealers "don't have to" make a profit. The downside of this is that when we consumers receive our electric bikes, we have to do the final assembly ourselves. The parts in question are lights, fenders, pedals, and handlebars.

Assembly is quick and easy. Within 30 minutes, the Shengmilo-provided equipment will be ready for use. We suggest following the assembly instructions in this Shengmilo-made YouTube video. It explains step-by-step what you have to do.

Shengmilo electric bike processing

Upon closer inspection, the processing technology of the Shengmilo MX04 electric bike is impressive. The welds and transitions, as well as the handlebar grips, seat, roof rack, and other fittings, appear to be of high quality. The paint appears to be of high quality and scratch-resistant, and the overall paint job is very clean. We searched for dents and paint defects but found nothing.

The Shengmilo MX04 comes with a sturdy metal luggage rack

Thickened metal rear rack

In our review, we raved about the Shengmilo MX04's thick rear rack, which is made of high-quality metal. This versatile feature can be used to give the kids a place to sit while you attend weekly market events. Skirts can be attached to the sides of the bike with luggage racks, adding to the bike's versatility.

The cable routing on the handlebars is the only untidy part. To avoid cable tangles, the shift and brake cables on high-end electric bikes are routed internally. If you want to keep your cockpit tidy, you can't do without Shengmilo's tried and tested "cable tie solution".

Schaltung und Motor im Shengmilo MX04 Test

shimano 7 gears

Testing motors and circuits with the Shengmilo MX04 has a Shimano derailleur to support its seven cogs. In the Shimano world, derailleur gears are more of a beginner's choice, but they are very reliable. Shimano promises silky-smooth shifting, and this bike delivers with its chatter-free construction, seven gears, and freewheel hub.

chain guide on sprocket

The raised sidewalls on the sprocket's built-in chain guide keep the chain from slipping as you ride, which is a neat feature. Even harsh impacts, such as those on potholed gravel roads, don't break the chain.

Shengmilo MX04 testing an electric bike motor at full throttle; the Shengmilo MX04 bike's 48V, 500W BAFANG hub motor produces 80 Nm of torque. Because the engine is at the rear, the rider's power reception is very direct, and he often shows a joyful expression.

80 Nm of torque is more than enough for everyday use, allowing you to navigate city streets with ease. The motor has no trouble with the occasional hill or longer climbs, but it has trouble with steeper hills or strong headwinds and eventually stops working.

powerful torque of the Shengmilo motor

Bafang motor

A Shengmilo MX04 buyer from the UK commented: "I had a good run today on my local mountain and forest track; although the top speed is lower than the MX03, there is more torque when using the throttle on the MX04 to climb hills or start." The Bafang motor looks almost as powerful as the MX03, but it certainly has a wider power spread and more torque at lower speeds.

The large display on the Shengmilo MX04 electric bike

Shengmilo MX04 HD Display

A built-in cycling computer with a large screen regulates the level of support. The computer tells you everything you need to know, like your current speed, how many kilometers you've traveled, your average speed, and so on. This makes logging mileage very practical and suitable for everyday use. All functions of the computer can be easily and conveniently operated using individually assigned buttons, even when driving through the urban jungle.

Shengmilo MX04 display buttons

The powerful battery on the Shengmilo MX04 electric bike

Luckily, the battery built into the frame not only looks good on the bike, but it's also waterproof. But our real focus is on performance: the 720Wh provides more than enough power to cover a decent distance, especially in urban use. Our UK MX04 buyer lasted over 32 km/h in PAS 5 mode on a test drive at 42 km/h! He also tried to go out again using only PAS 2 and 3, and the battery was able to last 60 km.

Shengmilo MX04 Urban Electric Bike

Range Difference:
The actual range of an e-bike cannot be definitively determined as many factors can positively or negatively affect range. Driving at maximum support levels, strong headwinds, cold weather, etc. can significantly reduce range. Steady riding with a leisurely pace and moderate support increases range.

Removing the battery from the Shengmilo MX04 pedelec

In addition, the battery has a useful charge status indicator, which shows the battery level at a glance with the touch of a button.

Shengmilo LG battery

Since the battery is removed from under the frame, it took some practice to detach the battery from the bike, but it was quick and easy to do afterward. As usual, the battery can be completely removed and charged at home. Alternatively, it can also be charged on an electric bike if the battery remains plugged in. Locking with a lock is, of course, also possible.

Riding experience and ergonomics

The 26-inch wheels already guarantee lively driving behavior. The upright riding position and the individually adjustable handlebars support this in practice. Riding the Shengmilo MX03 pedelec immediately puts you in a good mood.

The built-in saddle is comfortable and well-made. It also has a well-thought-out design feature: a recessed handle on the back. This makes it easy to carry the bike up and down stairs. The built-in suspension fork has 80mm of travel, providing plenty of travel if the long rides are bumpy. The ability to lock the suspension is especially useful in urban traffic, increasing the electric bike's efficiency.

In our opinion, Shengmilo's ride comfort is designed to relieve stress. Let's enjoy healthy and happy long-distance riding!

The Safety of the Shengmilo MX04 Smart Electric Bike

Even more so in busy cities, electric bikes must have brakes, lights, and reflectors for safety.

Good thing Shengmilo didn't leave anything to chance here! The front and rear dimensions of the Shengmilo lighting system are large enough. The front features motorcycle high-intensity headlights, which provide plenty of light even at night, at least for city traffic. In total darkness in the countryside, we'd appreciate a few extra lumens!

ebike integrated lights

In addition to the lighting kit, Shengmilo supplies the MX04 with custom reflective stickers for the fork that wrap around the sides of the lockable fork shock. Excellent!


The braking system on the Shengmilo comes from Bengal and is a very good size with 160mm discs. The pistons are moved by hydraulics, and after short periods of inactivity, they do their jobs safely and reliably without acting too quickly. The brake lever is easy to hold and responds to fine commands—just the way it should be.

disc brake

Now it's clear again: the Shengmilo MX04 offers all the necessary features and more to fully satisfy all riders.

Shengmilo MX-04 Pedelec: Conclusion

We're excited about the opportunity to test Shengmilo extensively. As a daily companion, electric bikes look great and are ideal for shopping trips. But even outside the city, electric bikes are not to be ridiculed due to their good ergonomics and very comfortable seat.

assist hybrid electric bike

For €1699, you can fix small problems like the cluttered look of the cockpit. Only the engine controls, which can be annoying at times, need a software update to work.

All in all, the Shengmilo offers a reliable and safe electric bike for those who don't want to use their car directly in city traffic—and at a very good price. Smart features such as a functional rear seat and an incredibly long-lasting battery make the bike a smart companion for everyday life in the city and for long trips!


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