Dangerous and Risky Modifications for Electric Bikes: Mistakes You Must Stop Making Today

Dangerous and Risky Modifications for Electric Bikes: Mistakes You Must Stop Making Today

Whether you just bought an e-bike or have been riding it for years, you may want to make some changes to make your rides more comfortable and fun. But if you are new to cycling or don't have much experience, you may be wondering which parts are the easiest to replace. They also need to know more about the risks and dangers of retrofitting e-bikes and the serious consequences they could face.


As the number of people who use e-bikes has grown, more people have learned about all the great things about them. You may have heard coworkers or friends talk about how much they love their e-bikes, and now you're not sure which one is best for you. They might also tell you about "modifications" or "rebuilds" they've made to the bike. Some changes are possible, like making it go faster, getting new batteries, changing the lights, or putting it on a stand made just for it. However, some changes are not recommended.


However, that's the beauty of the e-bike scene. More and more people are joining the community, which means there are more and more exciting ways to customize and improve e-bikes. A few other riders took notice and started making adjustments. This way, everyone can find something that suits their individual needs and preferences. One thing to keep in mind is that not all e-bike upgrades are risk-free. Modifying an e-bike can sometimes have disastrous results.

Speed Limit Changes

The fastest speed at which an e-bike can go can vary from country to country. For example, in Europe, electric bikes can only go 25 kilometers per hour before they are breaking the law. Speed limiters are required by law to be built into bicycles, so manufacturers must follow the rules. So, you can now ride an e-bike without worrying about getting into trouble with the law. But more and more people are making changes to their e-bikes so that they can go faster than these limits. This turns them into "illegal motorcycles." In this case, the motor will be set to use more power. If too much current is asked of the battery, the wires can get too hot and damage the battery. Also, if you caused or were involved in an accident, you could face major financial and legal consequences. So, if you get into an accident, you shouldn't try to replace the battery or motor on your own.

The top speed of an e-bike is a common topic due to the bike's unique appeal. It's natural to want to test the limits of your bike, especially when you're just learning to ride. Our advice is not to change any settings to increase speed. Our bikes are developed, built, and tested within predetermined quality parameters and performance levels. We employ experts at every level of our organization when it comes to the safety and quality of the bikes we ship to our customers.

When ridden at the factory-set factory speed, the bike's range, durability, and comfort are maximized. Increasing the speed of your bike beyond what is safe can reduce its mileage. All of our bikes are designed to ride long distances with the help of electric assist, which will significantly improve your riding experience.

Since the electric motor is running at full power, the battery is overburdened, which can cause the battery to fail or the wires to catch fire.

motor or battery modification

Lithium-ion batteries used in e-bikes pack a serious punch. They're really good when their main job is to help you when you're pedaling, but that also comes with a lot of danger.


You can fix your e-bike yourself and save money, or you can change the battery or motor to make it work again. This is a very big security risk. The infrastructure for charging and discharging the e-bike may not work with a battery pack that has more power than the original battery. When these things occur, e-bike batteries are more likely to catch fire and last for a shorter time.
On multi-motor bikes, the gears, brakes, and tires wear out more quickly. If you replace a bike's battery or motor, you may need more insurance or have to stay out of certain bike lanes because the bike will have more power. So, if you have an accident, you shouldn't try to fix the motor or battery yourself.

illegal modification

In the end, many different kinds were made illegal. Individual governments haven't made rules about driving electric cars yet, so policies are all over the place. However, putting yourself or others in danger can often result in disaster. If you change or adjust your e-system, the bike may no longer be a legal Class 2 e-bike but instead a moped or motorcycle. E-bikes don't have the same power or safety features as motorcycles, so riding one can get you in trouble or hurt you.

Unique and fun bike accessories are common in some areas. But the law is mostly concerned with the speed and electronic parts of the bike. Change how motorcycles are categorized so that they have to follow new, and often stricter, rules. For instance, your bike could be a moped or a motorcycle based on the size and power of its engine. The Bicycle Act says that you have to have insurance if your vehicle is a motorcycle, but not if it's just a bicycle with a small motor, so it's important to know the rules.

Don't risk breaking the law by making changes without first checking their legality. Knowing that you are not in danger will do wonders for your well-being. There are also several legal ways to modify your bike.
In what ways can modification be harmful?

Changing and retrofitting an e-bike presents challenges. You, your e-bike, and other riders are all at risk if you make these changes. According to these modifications, we can list the following effects:

complaints regarding warranties

Those who buy an electric bike can be sure that their new gear is covered by a warranty. Depending on who makes them, e-bikes can be customized in a variety of ways. However, there is usually a limit that cannot be exceeded, or the bike's warranty will be voided. On some e-bikes, you might only be able to change the motor, while on others, you might only be able to change the seat, handlebars, or frame suspension. Before making any big changes, you should always carefully read the warranty. If you've changed anything about your e-bike, check the fine print to make sure you haven't ruined the warranty. Shengmilo gives a one-year warranty against problems with the way it was made. The warranty doesn't cover problems caused by improper maintenance, installation, alterations, or adjustments, or by not following the owner's manual and assembly instructions. So, if you change anything about your Shengmilo e-battery, bike's speed, or motor, the warranty will be void. If you make changes to your e-bike that were not approved by the manufacturer, the warranty may be void.

final thoughts

Even though the goal of making changes to e-bikes may be to make them easier to ride, these changes often have unintended results. Changing your bike's motor, speed, or battery can be dangerous for you and anyone nearby. If you are trying to figure out if a change is allowed, you should be careful. Everyone will be safe if you do this. Also, your e-bike can be changed in many ways, including the color of the frame and the addition of accessories like lights. Always put safety first in whatever you do.

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