Why are e-bikes so expensive?

Why are e-bikes so expensive?

More and more cyclists are considering e-bikes as a practical form of transportation. They're like regular bikes in every way except they have a small battery-powered motor to help you pedal. Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular for commuting, touring, sports, and leisure due to their fast acceleration and low rider effort.


Some of the biggest names in the bike industry offer them but keep in mind that the industry is still in its infancy. The electric motor in these bikes helps you get where you want to go faster than a normal bike. Everyone needs to have one of these. However, can everyone afford it?


The price tag of an electric bike might surprise most people. But why are e-bikes so expensive?


How much do electric bikes cost?

Prices for e-bikes range from as low as €1000 to €1800, with some models going for over €3000.


Lower-quality discount bikes have less power and lower-quality parts. A good electric commuter bike can cost anywhere from 1300 euros to 2000 euros for a good mountain bike. After that, any price increases will reflect the improved quality and new features.


Why are e-bikes so expensive?

Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bikes have higher production costs due to their batteries, motors, electronics, and engineering design. The frame and its accessories (seat height, throttle, sensors, lights, electric horn) will all affect the total price.


Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bikes can cost more than 1,000 euros, with higher-end e-bikes costing around 3,000 euros. The main price difference for these e-bikes comes from cost—well, everything that sets them apart from traditional bikes.


Before making your final decision on an electric bike, consider your skill level and the terrain you plan to ride on. Afterward, you should figure out which components are critical to your riding enjoyment. The best e-bike for commuting looks different than the best e-bike for mountain biking, and prioritizing the features that matter most to you is more important than saving a few extra bucks.


Many people who are new to e-bikes are surprised by these prices, but when you look at them in detail, they make a lot of sense. The main reasons why e-bikes are much more expensive than traditional bikes are:


 1. The electric vehicle frame adopts higher standards

The frame is one of the most important components of a bike, and we'll discuss the importance of using high-quality components in an e-bike later.


The frame weight of a top-tier e-bike can be more than twice that of a standard bike. In reality, these bikes weigh over 50 pounds, but this is necessary so that the frame can support the rider safely and comfortably, in addition to the extra weight of the motor and battery.


Some high-end e-bike frames are lighter and cost more because they are made of high-quality materials.


These lighter, higher-end frames significantly increased the price of the bike.


The custom frames designed by the maker of Shengmilo in 2023 all have batteries integrated into the frame design, but these tend to be more expensive.


 2. Batteries are more expensive

The battery that comes with an e-bike can be a major factor in its higher price compared to a standard bike.


A typical e-bike will set you back 1,000 to 2,000 euros, which is a lot of money in itself.


Lithium-ion batteries will be standard on most e-bikes because they have the highest power density. These batteries are lighter alternatives, further reducing the overall weight of the bike.


The bike is more manageable thanks to the lighter battery. You should spend more on a high-quality battery for your e-bike so that it lasts longer. A good battery for an e-bike can last four years without replacement.


 3. The motor is used in electric bikes

The motor is another major component that affects the overall price of an e-bike.


Conventional bicycles do not need to be equipped with electric motors, but e-bikes have electric motors, and the rider can benefit from the help of the motor when pedaling.


To use the motor while pedaling, you either have to twist the throttle on an e-bike or use a pedal-assist model.


Since each bike needs its motor installed, the installation process is time-consuming and laborious, driving up the price. These add to the price of the bike since they are custom-made.


4. Electric bikes should use better-quality parts

However, a high-quality frame is not enough for an e-bike. Several other parts must also be top-notch.


These bikes must be able to carry your weight, protect the motor and battery, and perform reliably at riding speeds.


For example, to stop a fairly heavy bike going at high speeds, you need really good brakes. Of course, the cost increases with the quality of the accessories.


5. The high cost of the electronic controller

Traditional bikes don't need electronic controllers, which only add to the price.


If you want to facilitate communication between the battery and the motor, consider your bike's brains. Its dual purpose is to regulate the power delivered to the bike's motor and to stop the bike.


When you step on the electric bike's brake, the electronic controller cuts off the power immediately. The controller's job is to transfer energy from the battery to the motor.


Any given bike brand may use a variety of different controller types. Tire size, distance traveled per trip, and total mileage is just some of the variables these controllers can modify.


6. The market share of electric bicycles is still small

Electric bikes are expensive because their parts cost a lot, but that's only part of the market.


Consumer interest in bikes with this design has increased in recent years, but the market for them remains small.


Due to lower sales, companies can charge higher prices for their products.


There aren't enough producers to meet the high demand, so product prices are higher.


As a result, their chances of reaping the economic benefits associated with economies of scale or the savings realized through increased production will be reduced. Mass production of standard bicycles can reduce wholesale costs.


The low profile of these bikes means there aren't many producers out there right now. This reduces price-cutting competition among manufacturers.


As the industry has grown in popularity in recent years, hopefully, there will be more competition and lower prices. I've noticed that the prices of e-bikes have come down, even in the last year, which can only be attributed to their increasing popularity.


7. Choose your electric bike

It is recommended that you save your money for a more expensive e-bike model. It is possible, but not certain, that these rates will decrease in the long run.


If you can afford it, now is a great time to buy a bike.


Most of the time, the more expensive Shengmilo bikes are the lightest bikes made with the highest quality materials. Still, you can find a lot of great bikes in the mid-range price range and even lower. The most important thing to remember is that you should check the reviews, research different brands, and choose the one that best suits your spending plans.


Let’s dissect what each price point of an e-bike gets you, so you know where you’re getting your money’s worth.

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