26-Inch Wide Tires: Shengmilo Electric Bike Conquers Any Terrain and Endures for Longevity

26-Inch Wide Tires: Shengmilo Electric Bike Conquers Any Terrain and Endures for Longevity

26-inch fat tire electric bike. Whether it's city streets, rural trails, or rugged mountain roads, this bike can easily adapt to various terrains and is renowned for its durability and reliability. Let's delve deeper into this fascinating mode of transportation together!


Reasons for choosing a 26-inch fat tire electric bike:


1. Comfort: The wider tires of the 26-inch fat tire electric bike provide better shock absorption, making the ride more comfortable. Especially on uneven surfaces, wide tires can better absorb vibrations, reducing the impact on the rider.

2. Stability: The larger contact area of wide tires provides better traction and stability. On wet or slippery roads or during high-speed rides, wide tires can offer better support, making the ride more stable.

3. Durability: Fat tires have good wear resistance and a longer lifespan. Compared to regular tires, fat tires exhibit lower wear and tear under the same pressure, resulting in less frequent tire replacements and reduced maintenance costs.

4. Versatility: The 26-inch fat tire electric bike is suitable for various terrains, including city roads, rural paths, and mountain trails. Wide tires can handle diverse and complex terrains, allowing riders to confidently navigate different road conditions.

5. Load capacity: Due to the larger contact area of fat tires, they can distribute pressure more evenly. Therefore, the 26-inch fat tire electric bike has a strong load capacity. This is a great choice for riders who need to carry more items during their rides.



MX03 and MX05 Electric Bikes

MX03 MX05


📝 Differences:

 MX03 is coated with blue metallic paint, while MX05 is coated with grey paint. The frame's curved design is slightly different. Other configurations are the same.


⭐ Full Suspension
The full suspension system reduces the bumps and vibrations experienced during rides, offering a smoother and more comfortable riding experience. Especially on uneven terrain, the full suspension system can better absorb shocks, reducing impact on the rider's body and minimizing fatigue.

⭐ Powerful Motor
The motor is the heart of an electric bike and a critical component affecting its performance, including power, speed, endurance, and driving capability. With a 35° motor tilt, the motor delivers an impressive maximum torque of 80N·m and is rated IPX5 waterproof.

⭐ 48V 17.5AH Samsung Battery
This 840Wh battery significantly enhances the endurance, stability, and safety of Shengmilo bikes. Under throttle mode, a single charge can cover 40-50 kilometers, while under pedal-assist mode, the range exceeds 60+ kilometers.

⭐ KING-METER Smart Display
The MX05 adopts the KING-METER NOKEE-U series waterproof display, showing total mileage, battery level, speed, and 1~5-speed level. Equipped with three buttons, installed next to the left handlebar grip, for controlling electric and assist modes, as well as light switches.



MX04 Electric Bikes


Bafang motor, capable of producing up to 1000W peak power! Its performance affects strength, speed, endurance, and driving capability. The motor's climbing ability is 35°, with a waterproof rating of IPX5. The maximum speed reaches 40 kilometers per hour.

The Samsung battery 48V 15AH has stable and powerful output, taking 6-8 hours to fully charge. The built-in battery integrates into the downtube, perfectly coordinated with the frame design.

Sturdy dual shoulder front fork. Dual oil spring shocks can lock the front fork, providing riders with a more comfortable riding experience during bumps. Slip-resistant and shock-absorbing, with a longer lifespan and more effortless.

26x3.0 inch oversized tires increase friction, making steering more stable, to adapt to various road conditions such as snow, gravel, beaches, etc.



MX06 Electric Bikes


Equipped with a 48V17.5AH Samsung battery, this type of battery boasts high energy density, fast charging speed, and long lifespan, providing powerful support for your long-distance rides. Moreover, this battery also features a detachable design, making it extremely convenient.

The Shengmilo MX06 is powered by a BAFANG peak 1000W motor with 80N.M torque, capable of tackling inclines of up to 35°, effortlessly boosting your power output to its maximum in a short amount of time, making uphill climbs or acceleration a breeze.

Equipped with 26x3.0-inch mountain tires, providing outstanding grip and traction even on the most challenging terrain.


S600 Electric Bikes  



Samsung Battery 48V17.5AH The Shengmilo S600 combines new battery technology with Samsung high-performance cells. This 840Wh battery effectively improves the range, stability, and safety of Shengmilo bikes. A single charge in throttle mode can sustain 40-50 kilometers, while in pedal-assist mode, it can go over 90 kilometers.

2000W Brushless Motor The motor features 2x1000W high-power motors! With a maximum speed of 25KM/H (15.5MPH), the speed can be unlocked. The motor is the heart of an electric bike and a critical component affecting power, speed, endurance, and water resistance. The motor's climbing ability is 40°, with a maximum torque of an astonishing 2x80 N·m, and a waterproof rating of IP64.

Dual Shoulder Front Fork + DNM Rear Shock Absorber The pride of the S600 lies in its adoption of the renowned DNM brand rear shock absorber and dual shoulder front fork, providing excellent shock absorption performance. A full-suspension electric bike offers a comfortable riding experience, improved control over different terrains, multifunctionality for various activities, enhanced safety by reducing impacts, and better electric assistance performance.



The Shengmilo 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bike has conquered various terrains and garnered widespread acclaim due to its outstanding design and features, comfort and performance, as well as its exceptional battery life. Whether on city streets or countryside trails, it serves as your loyal riding companion, bringing you unparalleled joy and convenience in cycling.




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