Shopping FAQ

Q: Will My Parcel Be Charged Custom Duties and Taxes?

Note to all Customers: All taxes and Customs fees will already be paid. You pay only what you pay at checkout.

Q: How Many Items Can I Buy in One Order?

A: You can check out a maximum of 50 units per item for all items.

Q: Can I Amend My Order Once the Order is Being Processed?

A: We package your products very soon after the order is placed which means your order cannot be amended once the status of your order has changed to “order processing”. This includes changing the delivery method, payment method, shipping address, color/quantity of items, or applying a discount.

Q: What If I Change My Mind and Don't Want to Accept Parcel?

A: If you do not accept or sign for the package when it’s delivered to your address, we will ship the package back to one of our warehouses. Please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping fees. Per our shipping and delivery partners, the international shipping cost of a single parcel can be very high with a minimum charge of EUR €25 for the first 500g and EUR €4 for every subsequent 500g. Meanwhile, the original shipping fees from China to your country and taxes paid are not refundable. If you change your mind and do not want the parcel anymore, it’s recommended to accept your parcel and then apply for return service instead of rejecting it. For more information on our return policies, please go to our "Return & Refund Policy" page or contact us by phone  +8617620358622 or E-mail (

Q: Do I need to Pay Immediately After The Order is Placed?

A: After your order is placed, please make payment within the period indicated on the payment page, otherwise the order will be canceled.