About Shengmilo

     Shengmilo was born at the call of a group of cycling enthusiasts. Their strong desire for a better cycling experience brings them together as a group of cyclists of different ages, industries or backgrounds. Their shared love of cycling gradually shaped Shengmilo. Shengmilo has sales channels all over the world, exporting to more than 80 countries including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan. Shengmilo is committed to creating a new generation of green technology travel lifestyle, leading the industry upgrading, and becoming a real leader in the e-bike industry.


 Andy is a data center operations and maintenance worker. He has long suffered from Chongqing's uphill roads, heavy traffic and expensive parking fees. He is also a keen cyclist, but cycling to work from home every day really makes him tired. He has found that e-bikes can greatly relieve that tension and even make daily commutes pleasant.


 Mike is a university teacher. His family liked to take their RV on trips to Tibet every vacation. His father John, a 72-year-old gentleman, is a keen cyclist. As he got older, most bike lanes became harder for him to ride, and his knees couldn't handle long rides, but he still wanted to ride farther. Mike needed to find a solid and durable electric bicycle for his father, so he joined Shengmilo's research and development team. When Shengmilo MX02S was developed, Mike gave his father John a sample bike to test. Although he was 72 years old, he rode in electric pedal-assisted mode. But the legs feel like 20 again. He believes it will be a wonderful journey for many years.


Jack is a bicycle assembly enthusiast from Hong Kong. He challenged the Sichuan-Tibet route twice after graduating from college. On his journey, he always had to cross rough roads and bad terrain, and his bike had broken several times on the way, so he had to stop temporarily and find a local bike shop to repair his bike. He also needs a more durable bicycle to help him travel.


There must be many others suffering like them. Therefore, in order to enhance the cycling experience and life experience, we finally meet here. We decided to make some advanced electric bike models and make them available to all bike enthusiasts like us. We spent a long time collecting customers' preferences, and even went to six European countries for field trips to understand European customers' needs and pain points for e-bikes. During the investigation, we got to know Francesco Tagliamonte from Italy and Asier Gonzalez from Spain. Later, these two friends became distributors of Shengmilo one after another because of their love for our products, serving European customers together. We want to equip our product with all the important features that most e-bike riders need. We are constantly looking for the best parts with the best value for money from different trusted suppliers. Finally, our first two awesome e-bike models were born, the mid-drive motor Shengmilo SML100 and the retro Shengmilo MX04.


Thanks to the powerful electric motors on the bike, Andy can now go up and down hills with ease. With the high-capacity battery, John no longer worries about his age, but is able to continue his journey on the road. As for Jack, now he can say goodbye to the repair shop. What helped them most, though, were the full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes with a power cut on the brakes, which gave them more safety and comfort on their Tibet trip and now no more bad weather and terrain to worry about on the road.


With electric bicycles, cycling is no longer a professional activity exclusively for athletes. We believe that people of all ages, industries and fields can enjoy the fun of cycling. Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving and persevere to see the dawn of victory, "Sheng" is a homonym of Chinese "victory", "Milo" is an ancient Greek wrestler, which means Powerful, so we will The brand name is "Shengmilo". Our mission is to bring eco-friendly and comfortable travel options to all cyclists, and the joy of riding in free air. Also, we can team up and Shengmilo riders and never lose hope of riding a bike. Cycling to commute also promotes carbon neutrality, where carbon peaks.


Our Shengmilo team has made every effort to provide all cycling enthusiasts with affordable, well-equipped, cost-effective and comfortable e-bikes. Shengmilo, the power of victory, ride farther with us. From now on, let's feel the joy of cycling and the free and delicious air.

 E-mail:  info@shengmilo-bikes.com