5 Tips for E-Bikes on the Beach in Summer

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Many e-bike riders like to test their cycling skills in summer and on rough beaches. Even in the spring, fall and winter, many people are challenged to test their skills as e-bike riders. But some people are just waiting for the warmth of summer so they can take part in one of their favorite outdoor activities: riding an e-bike at the beach.


Aside from its health benefits, an e-bike beach ride can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity - with the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun. This creates the perfect setting for riding an e-bike on the beach in summer. People get on their beloved e-bikes and take them to the beach for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. But most cyclists ignore the challenges that riding an e-bike at the beach can be. To make your e-bike trip to the beach more enjoyable, both during and after, consider these 5 tips for summer 2022.


  1. Adjust the tire pressure

e-bikes are the ideal way to travel on the beach. But e-bikes have their own challenges, especially at the beach. Because the sand is so soft and as inconsistent as the surface, maintaining balance can be challenging. That's why the first tip for riding an e-bike at the beach is to adjust tire pressure. You can increase the contact area between the tire and the sand by lowering the tire pressure. This helps to make it easier for your stability to keep your balance. However, on complex beach roads, it may take several practice adjusting tire pressures to properly maintain stability.


  1. Keep pedaling

Anyone who's tried cycling on the beach knows that it's never easy. Sand slows down the wheel, making pedaling feel like riding a bike in quicksand. This is one of the main downsides of biking at the beach, so to counteract that, e-bikes are the perfect way to get around this. E-bikes are equipped with a motor that keeps you pedaling, and this pedal assist mode makes riding on the beach a breeze.


  1. Remember to clean your e-bike after riding

If you just commute and ride city roads most of the time, you probably don't need to spend a lot of time cleaning your e-bike every day. But when you've spent hours riding your e-bike at the beach, it becomes even more important to clean your e-bike after each ride. To avoid long-term damage to your e-bike from beach sand, salt, and water, the best thing to do is to spend 10 minutes cleaning it after every beach ride. Remember to always wash with clean water to remove any sand and salt that has built up on the frame or gear, then use a fine soft brush to remove any visible dirt, and dry your e-bike with a clean towel to prevent rust. It is recommended that you do not use a high-pressure water jet to wash your e-bike. These can cause the vehicle to overturn and cause flooding of lamps, wiring, etc.


  1. Keep the e-bike chain lubricated

After leaving the beach, rinsing off sand and salt is just one step in maintenance. Second and equally important is to apply lubricant to the chain. After all, the chain is one of the most important components of an e-bike. Without it, the entire e-bike wouldn't work very well. After you have cleaned the chain, you can apply the correct type of lubricant to the chain. This will help remove dirt onto the surface of the chain, repeat the wipe a few times until the outside of the chain looks a bit cleaner. Regarding how to clean an e-bike chain, we have put together a complete guide to cleaning and maintaining e-bike chains to help you make the right decisions about cleaning your chain after a beach ride.


  1. E-bike maintenance is critical

If you go to the beach a lot, you're maintaining your e-bike more often. You'll be doing both basic maintenance at home DIY and hiring an e-bike maintenance professional to clean things like power transmission. The purpose is to remove sand, salt and moisture and dirt that may have accumulated inside. In the long run, this is the best strategy for extending the life of electric vehicles.


Biking on the beach in summer is the best day ever. You can relax in the sun, feel the sand between your toes, or even surf. But e-bike riding, like everything else in life, has to ride the waves to get the most fun and satisfaction out of it, no matter the challenges. That's why it's a huge pleasure to keep these five tips in mind on your next e-bike trip to the beach. While riding on the beach is fun, don't forget that it may increase your risk of damage to your e-bike -- so be sure to follow these tips at all times. You can keep your e-bike in top condition all summer long and enjoy yourself at the beach.

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