E-Bike Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Mode

E-Bike Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Mode

The type of pedal assist and throttle used on e-bikes is one of the most common ways of categorizing them. The motors on e-bikes only turn on when the rider presses a button on the bike's handlebars (or, more broadly, the gas pedal) or stops pedaling (hence, pedal assist). This is true for all e-bikes, from the cheapest to the most expensive.


One of the most controversial issues among e-bike enthusiasts is whether to use throttle mode. With Shengmilo's built-in accelerator and pedal assist modes, you can ride safely and have the most fun.


Distinguishing the personalities of these e-bikes can be understandably difficult. However, the best decisions are those informed by accurate data and guided by experience. This article will help you decide between throttle-e-bikes and pedal-assist bikes.


E-bike Throttle: An Overview

E-bikes with throttle drives work in the same way as motorcycles and scooters. Engaging the throttle turns on the motor, which propels the e-bike forward. The Shengmilo MX02S e-bike has a throttle with a "grip" design, but there are other designs available.


Like the buttons on the Shengmilo MX04, there is a "Boost" button that functions similarly, delivering full power through either your twist of the "pure" throttle or you're depressing of a lever or trigger. It is slightly different in that it usually provides all-or-nothing power and replaces any power from the bike's pedal assist system.


There are three types of accelerators commonly used on e-bikes:


Turn the knob like you are riding a motorcycle. A portion of the handle can be twisted towards the rider to activate the motor and increase power. When you crank the handle to its farthest position, the motor's output increases. If you twist the grip back, you can lessen the force it exerts. When the handle is released, the power is disconnected. This is the most typical form of the throttle for e-bikes.


Thumb Throttle: A thumb throttle is a paddle or lever that is operated with the thumb. The lever is located just below the right-hand grip of the handlebar. Pushing the joystick further will activate the full power of the motors and move you at a higher speed. By retracting the thumb, you can use less pressure. If you take your thumb off the throttle, it snaps back instantly, reducing the engine's output.


The "gas button" is only used to turn the engine on and off. From the moment you press the button, you can expect full power. Once the button is released, the motor stops. As it stands, this setup does not allow any power scaling. It's it or it's nothing. To regulate the speed of an e-bike, this is the easiest throttle system.


There are many different types of throttle e-bikes. In addition to the throttle, most e-bikes also have a pedal assist setting. With the display mounted on the handlebar, you can switch between systems at will. With some e-bikes, you can bypass pedal assist by simply depressing the gas pedal. The only pedal used on some e-bikes is the accelerator. Some e-bikes have an accelerator pedal that only activates when the rider steps on it. Not many places use this method. Of course, you can also ride normally without using the throttle.


E-bike Throttles: The Legality

In some jurisdictions, it is illegal to use the gas pedal on an e-bike. Most Europeans agree with this view. In some countries, throttle e-bikes are not considered bicycles. Instead, they are classified as mopeds and are subject to separate rules.


Governments may also need proof of insurance and type approval, which are both hard to get.


In continental Europe and the UK, foot-only gas pedals are legal, but they are not very common.


But with the right setup, you can get many of the benefits of a throttle-only machine. Most of the time, you only need to lightly turn the pedal to turn on the throttle, and the throttle power will take care of the rest.


Advantages of e-bike Throttles


You can easily avoid accidents at intersections and traffic lights, and the bike's higher top speed and quick response to the throttle system will make you feel safer.


You don't have to pedal, and even people with bad knees or limited mobility can easily get around because controlling the throttle on an e-bike doesn't require effort.


The simple throttle control of an e-bike makes it ideal for use in congested urban areas, as no effort is required to control the throttle on an e-bike. Acceleration buttons are common on many throttle e-bikes, allowing riders to quickly change gears.


Those who prefer to ride without pedals can opt for a throttle e-bike. Another huge benefit is that you can pedal whenever you want.


A throttle e-bike is a way to go if you want to use your e-bike for hill climbing and commuting.

Disadvantages of e-bike Throttles


Riding is harder because you need to manage the throttle while steering, braking, shifting, and pedaling.


Throttle-mode E-bikes have a shorter range because you can't save energy by pedaling.


Throttle-controlled e-bikes are illegal in many cities due to safety concerns.


More Harmful: Pedaling puts you at a greater risk of injury because it increases speed and makes handling the bike harder.

Cut back on your workouts, as you won't be able to burn as many calories at full throttle.


Throttle modulation can be good or bad. Acceleration or deceleration should be well-regulated, but sudden changes in intensity should be well-regulated. However, they do so with excellent modulation, gradually increasing their power. For this reason, inexperienced riders should avoid e-bikes with poor throttle modulation. There are fewer e-bike models available. Gas pedals are increasingly rare on e-bikes.


Since throttle e-bikes typically have short battery lives, riders need to take extra precautions.


Throttle e-bikes are not versatile enough for local terrain due to their limited gear range. While this is not required, most throttle e-bikes will have hub motors, which is why this is the case.


Pedal Assist Level

Shengmilo can be adjusted from 1 level to 5 levels of pedal assist. To make things easier, the "assist" setting on electric pedal bikes activates the bike's motor so you don't have to do it manually. Pedal-assisted riding allows you to tailor the bike's setup to your individual needs.


If you want to get to your destination quickly with as little effort as possible, the high-pedal setup is a great choice. This is the perfect solution if you want to avoid sweating too much on the way to work.


After a long day at the office, Shengmilo riders can relax in style with the low pedal setting. When you're feeling the effects of your day's stress, take a few minutes to relax on your way home from work. Plus, you can rest assured that your knees are safe, even on long journeys.


The progressive pedal assists with torque sensing


Many different systems can be used when the pedals are turned or, in more complex designs, when the rider depresses the pedals with greater force (known as torque detection).


Support pedals that adapt to your rhythm

A small plastic disc that rotates with the sprocket is often used in optical or magnetic systems to measure pedal crank speed in less expensive designs of pedal assist systems.


Effectiveness of e-bike personal area signals

In continental Europe and the UK, e-bikes that only have pedal assist and no accelerator pedal are called Class 1 or Class 3 e-bikes, depending on whether the electric assistance stops at 20 mph or 28 mph. The latter is called high-speed pedelecs and are only allowed on public roads in many places, not in slower bike lanes, etc.


However, the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes is that the throttle goes up to 20 mph, and pedal assist is the only option between 20 and 28 mph.


That is, a Class 2 e-bike may have pedal assist, but it always has a throttle that can be used to propel the bike forward without the rider having to do anything. All legal e-bikes in the UK and Europe will have pedal assist, which only gives power when the rider pushes down on the pedals.


Benefits of riding an e-bike PAS

If you're used to riding a traditional bike, pedal assist mode is more natural than throttle mode. You might just want to ride around town for fun, in which case the pedal assist mode is best because you don't have to keep the throttle at a certain setting.


The motor unit of a high-quality pedelec (with torque sensor) should have a low and central weight distribution (as most are mid-drive).

Most of the time, a torque-sensing mid-drive pedal assist is better than a throttle-only machine for climbing very steep hills because it adds more force more effectively, has a wider range, and goes faster.


Pedal assist machines can be more fuel-efficient and provide greater mileage than throttle machines.

Some types of e-bikes may not be available in federal areas such as national parks until regulations are finalized. Depending on where and how you plan to ride, you may only be able to use one type of license, two types, or neither. Class 1 e-bikes can only reach speeds of 20 mph with the help of the rider's pedals and are ideal for experiencing as much trail as possible.

Impact of PAS systems on e-bikes


PAS machines may not be as good for riding in heavy traffic in the city with weak pedals because you can't speed up quickly as you can with a throttle machine.
While a good throttle system and a high-quality pedal-sensing system are both desirable, a poor-quality PAS system and a poor-performing cadence-sensing system can be the best of both worlds. The ride was choppy, and the power didn't vary with pedaling.


High-end torque-sensing systems will cost more than low-end throttle systems, but Chinese companies Shengyi and Bafang have recently entered the market with mid-range systems that are usually more expensive than European brands like Bosch and Shimano.


How much should I rely on the gas engine instead of pedal assist?


This is debatable; the pros and cons of throttle control and pedal assist have already been outlined. However, those who want to "ride like a bike" and get the most mileage out of the battery will likely opt for a high-end pedal-assist model, while those who have trouble pedaling for whatever reason will find a throttle-only machine very valuable. You should test-ride as many models as possible at a reputable e-bike shop.


You can choose between our Shengmilo MX02S and Shengmilo MX04. Whether you're exploring the cityscape or the rainforest, traveling on a Shengmilo e-bike will be a rejuvenating experience. We hope you enjoy reading this article, succeed in making informed decisions, and stay calm during your travels.


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