Reasons Why You Will Love Ebikes

Reasons Why You Will Love Ebikes

The main reason why ebikes have soared in popularity is that it offers many advantages that no other sport can match.
For example, riding an ebike is a systemic aerobic exercise, which can effectively exercise the functions of human organs such as the brain and heart.

A Lot Of Exercise
Human muscles are mostly concentrated in the legs, and ebike movement is to make the legs move continuously. In addition, we use our hands, wrists, and back muscles when cycling, which is already equivalent to a full-body exercise that can increase calorie consumption.

Free Ride, More Scenery

It also takes one hour, and the distance traveled by cycling is 5 times that of walking, and 2-3 times that of jogging. That is to say, riding an ebike can see more outdoor scenery.

As long as the weather is fine, we can decide the destination of cycling according to our mood, unlike other sports such as swimming and basketball, which are limited by venue and time. So, cycling is a fairly free sport.

Common Sense Of Outdoor Ebike Riding:
· Keep the bike balanced
· Pay attention to road conditions, choose a safe route, and twist the handlebars at any time
·Flexible control of the transmission when going up and downhill.

Great Aerobic Exercise
When riding ebikes on ordinary roads, we should also pay attention to other road signs, observe the status of motor vehicles and pedestrians around, and have sharp eyes to be able to notice the dangers such as empty bottles and potholes in front of the road.

In short, when riding a bicycle, you need to see six roads with your eyes, listen to all directions, and be able to instantly identify various information received by your eyes, ears, and nose and act accordingly. Therefore, riding an ebike is also a sport that can activate the brain and make people smarter.

Aerobic exercise can absorb enough oxygen and is an exercise that effectively burns stored fat. Our body is composed of more than 200 bones, and the muscles that cover the bones are skeletal muscles, which are composed of aerobic muscles called slow-twitch fibers and anaerobic muscles called fast-twitch fibers.

Among them, the main calorie sources of aerobic muscles are carbohydrates and fats, and the calorie sources of anaerobic muscles are carbohydrates.

Muscles store a limited amount of glycogen, and during intense exercise, all glycogen is consumed. In this way, the aerobic muscles will continue to consume the accumulated fat in order to continue to exercise. However, only by exercising continuously for more than 20 minutes can we use aerobic exercise to burn body fat.

Advantages of Ebike Aerobics
The standard of general exercise intensity is how many times the heart sends blood in 1min, that is, the number of heartbeats. E-bike exercise is a very effective means of maintaining a cardio-compliant heart rate.

When a certain exercise intensity is maintained, the muscles in the active part of the human body will generate heat energy, which will increase the body temperature. At this time, the body will automatically perspire to lower the body temperature.

The main component of sweat is water. A person weighing 60kg loses 1L of water, which will lower his body temperature by 12°C. Of course, sweating is not the only way to lower body temperature, and the water and heat that people expel during breathing should not be underestimated.

Ebikes move relatively fast, and cyclists are often blown by the oncoming wind, so the sweat discharged easily evaporates. So, while our body temperature may rise sharply when we ride, the evaporation of sweat ensures that the body maintains a comfortable body temperature, and the benefits of aerobic exercise are also reflected here.

Tips for Ebike Workouts
The best workout is the one you need. It needs to be fun and natural to keep you coming back for more. Here are some tips you don't want to forget when you're ready to ride an ebike!
1. Choose the appropriate cycling jersey for the day. Depending on where you live, you may experience cold mornings that get hot once the sun rises, as does stratification. Layers keep you warm in the cold while removing sleeves or unzipping when you're sweating.

2. Wear a bicycle helmet. Be sure to wear a helmet when riding an ebike. You might think your riding is great and nothing bad can happen, but a helmet is always cheaper than your life. Your brain makes the rest of your body work better, so you want to protect it.

3. Find the perfect ebike. Off-road and mountain driving may require a more rugged e-bike if you like to venture out in the mountains or on dirt roads in the forest. The MX03 does it all for you, both forks have suspension, fat tires for optimal traction, and disc brakes to avoid obstacles in the woods. Home to the original fat-tire e-bikes, we at Shengmilo have an intimate knowledge of wide tires. Not only do fat tires provide more traction and comfort, but they also make it easy to ride on a variety of terrains, such as sand, snow or mountains.

4. Try riding on a date with your kids. Riding an ebike is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. More importantly, you who are busy with work on weekdays should build a strong relationship with your children on weekends and accompany their growth.


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