The Electric Bicycle Can Make Even the Longest Ride Easier

The Electric Bicycle Can Make Even the Longest Ride Easier

An electric bicycle, otherwise known as an e-bike, is a bicycle transportation device with an added electric motor to help propel you forward. It works just like a regular bike, meaning you can pedal it forward. However, as soon as you do, sensors placed in it can pick up on that and signal the motor to help propel you. As a result, an electric bicycle allows you to move faster with much less effort.

So, if you ever were planning on going on a trip across some of the most scenic cycling routes but were worried your fitness levels were not up to the task, worry no more. The electric bicycle can help you get from start to finish without passing out from exhaustion.

In case you already have your e-bike with you and are eager to get on with it, let us tell you about argubly the best cycling routes in Europe

The Best Cycling Routes in Europe to Ride Your Electric Bicycle On

Before we begin talking about which routes are better, let's take a second to recommend you something. First of all, why Europe and not, say, the US. Well, Europe has been exponentially more consistent in its efforts to promote alternative modes of transportation for once.

As such, Europeans are probably the largest acquirers of electric bikes across all nationalities. Although the US is catching up rapidly, Europe does have an advantage: a lot of cycling routes

This is without a doubt the fact that most European cities are older than the automobile. As such, much of their centuries-old layout was accommodating for walking and horse-riding. That just so happens to be unsurprisingly accommodating to something similar to horse-riding: cycling. As such, choosing to cycle instead of driving or walking to Europeans comes rather naturally; their cities were almost built for it!

Also, although the best cycling routes in Europe are not 'off-road,' so to speak, they can be a bit bumpier than pavement. As such, if you go in with a mountain e-bike, which handles bumps, potholes, and rough terrain exceptionally well, you will be more comfortable.

If you would allow us one humble recommendation, the Shengmilo MX02S mountain bike is more than enough to get the job done. Now, unto the routes:

It is Great to Take Your Electric Bicycle Across These European Cycling Routes

These are the route that, despite how long they can seem, an electric bicycle can help you finish through with less effort:

Holland's Numbered Junction Cycle Network

Cycling is so popular in Holland simply because the terrain is so flat it's like it's meant for it. No wonder it is the preferred mode of transportation across most of the country. The government knows this and made it it's business to promote and maintain cycling routes even tourists can't resist.

Believe it or not, the network practically connects to most of the major cities and places of interest in Holland. So, if you are in it for the sights, you can practically see most of what the country's routes have got to offer. If you are in it for fitness, then the whole of Holland is practically your playground to roll across.

England's Cornish Coastal Way

The Cornish Coastal Way is a breathtaking stretch of coastline located in southwest England. Running for approximately 480 kilometers, or 300 miles, it has a lot of beaches, coves, and cliffs as scenery. It also happens to pass by many tourist points, including museums and castles, and also coastal villages in case you fancy a stop.

Spain's Camino Frances

Translated in English as 'the French road,' it's, ironically enough, a road traveling mostly through Spain. Part of a traditional cultural pilgrimage, the road has some great-looking stops along the way. Thus, it's great for some cycling tourism.

Cyclists often start the road in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France. Then, they follow the route up to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Both locations are apart by around 800 kilometers, or almost 500 miles, in the distance. Worry not; an electric bike can help make it feel like a breeze.

Italy's Via Francigena

Another pilgrimage route that starts either in England or France but for cycling purposes, it almost always starts in the latter. It traditionally starts in Calais, France, and ends south as far as Rome, Italy stretching over 1600 kilometers (994 miles).

The route passes through Umbria and Tuscany, the latter of which is famous for its picturesque scenery. Although the sheer distance makes it a challenging route to undertake, worry not; an electric bicycle can make it easy for you.

Danube Cycle Path

This is one if not the most famous cycle route in Europe thanks to its stunning historical sights and sheer beauty. The path gets its name from the Danube River, which, of course, it follows. The 1200 kilometers (745 miles) start out in Germany and follow through the Black Sea.

The route is not short of variety when it comes to scenery. You got anything from mountains, plains, and some nature reserves along the way. Its long stretches pass through Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, close to Bucharest, Romania, and Burgas, Bulgaria

Why Is the Electric Bicycle Suddenly So Popular?

As of recently, the electric bike surged in popularity. This is due to a combination of different factors, one of which you might probably be able to figure out next time you look at your gasoline bill. Anyways, here's a more in-depth look at some of the reasons why electric bikes are so popular right now.

The electric bicycle is growing in popularity as an alternative to using a car. This is because of two different reasons:

They Involve Lower Maintenance Costs

Besides paying it in full out of pocket, there are several sneaky costs associated with owning a car. The best-known one is gas. Compared to just how much you would spend on gas, even in months with lower prices, servicing an e-bike is incredibly cheaper in comparison.

They Are Easier to Use Than a Regular Bike

An e-bike's sensors can pick up on how much force you are exerting on it when pedaling. As such, they can command the motor to provide you with a greater boost when needed. This works wonders for older people and not-so-fit people as well.

Why? Because the electric bicycle can pick you up when you are struggling to move and assist you accordingly through the motor. If it wasn't for it, those people would need to undergo physical conditioning in order to ride a bike properly.

In the case of old people specifically, it can be detrimental and particularly risky to ride a bike if they are in frail physical shape. Not so much with the e-bike, though. The assist from the motor will take them where they need to go faster and with less effort than with a regular bike.

Why Is Electric Bicycle Suddenly So Popular?

There has been a conscious effort to move the general population away from fossil fuels during the last decades.

Concerns regarding the environmental impact of both extracting fossil fuels and burning fossil fuels through use are to blame. There's also the potential unaffordability of gasoline in itself for the common commuter.

For example, at the time of this writing, gas prices are unusually high due to events on the world stage. As an example, prices in the US in the first five days of April 2022 average at 4.16 a gallon.

In some places like California and Nevada, you can even find gas prices over 5 dollars a gallon. Compare that to the average gas prices for the year 2019, which sat comfortably at 2.60 dollars the gallon by most estimates.

A price shock like that is not something that the average commuter that lives paycheck to paycheck can take lightly. However, the factors that set the gas prices up are outside the control of that very same average commuter.

What it's not outside of their control is which kind of transportation they'll use in their day to day. That is where the electric bicycle might come in handy. For example, the average cost of charging a 240-watt battery ranges between 0.05 to 0.11 dollars in the US.

However, that it's without getting into specific rates of electric bills across different countries, which of course, may vary. In the case of the UK, charging the same battery between £0.06 to £0.10. Finally, for a European country like the Netherlands, which is crazy about bikes by the way, the price would sit between €0.06 to €0.11 on average.

They're also more environmentally friendly than gas-powered vehicles. And, since they don't produce emissions, they're much better for air quality.

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