Shengmilo Official Website Identification Guide You Need To Read

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Welcome to our guide on how to identify Shengmilo official website. Recently, many customers have asked why there are two or more Shengmilo official websites? This makes you a lot of doubts, please don't worry about it. Because we are the only official website here. While this simple proof isn't enough to give you confidence in the official wesite, there are some of the most important ones:

What is Shengmilo official website

Shengmilo official website is the most authoritative Internet portal website representing the voice, image and information of our company. The most important thing is that it is the first stop of the Shengmilo brand, and it has the functions that other dealers do not have: the most timely dissemination of electric bicycle information, the most flexible customer service, the most affordable online sales, the most open Transparent official contact details. Therefore, we recommend that you choose to place an order on the official website

Difference Between Shengmilo Manufacturer and Distributor

Manufacturers, as creators of branded products, are at the same time widely known and considered the source and center of the channel. Shengmilo manufacturer is the enterprise that develops and produces electric bicycles. It uses bicycle raw materials and components to make a series of electric mountain bikes such as MX02S, MX01, MX03, M90, SML-100 through automated machines and production processes.

 As a manufacturer of Shengmilo, we have expanded our sales channels all over the world and exported to more than 80 countries including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, etc. Our Shengmilo team does our best to provide affordable, well-equipped, cost-effective, and comfortable electric bikes for all cyclists.

Conversely, there are many sellers who use the official website of the Shengmilo brand and are actually our dealers. They usually buy from our factory, and in order to make more profit, they often set the price higher than our factory's price. Also, when you buy an electric bicycle on a dealer's website, if you have a difficult problem to solve, they won't solve it for you so quickly, nevertheless, our Shengmilo manufacturer will provide professional customer service for all riders answer.  Shengmilo MX01 Read honest review there.


How To Identify Shengmilo Official Website in Easy Four Steps

1. Observe the domain name of the website. Shengmilo Global Store is the manufacturer's website, the only real official website.
Shengmilo Official Website (Global):

The second-level domain names of Shengmilo's official website are as follows
















Which websites are Shengmilo's distributors?

For example the following is the URL of the dealer (Distributor):


2. Check the filing information on the official website of Shengmilo, such as: company name, company address, contact information, and overseas warehouse address will be displayed on the official website in detail.

Our company name is Foshan Jinmai Trading Co., Ltd, which is the owner of the Shengmilo brand. Any dealers dare not pretend to be our company name, once such behavior is found, we will stop supplying to the dealer. 

There is more information you need to know below:

  1. Address of the company: 3rd Floor, Building 1, Block 1, Fu'an Industrial Zone, Yuyuan Village, Leliu Street, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong China 


Shengmilo factory | wholesale


Tel: +8617620358622 (WhatsApp)

Poland warehouse address
Legionów 7 Mazowieckie Poland Warsaw 05-552 PL

Czech warehouse address
Maurice Ward & Co. s.r.o., Dobřanská 665,, 332 09 Štěnovice, Czech
US warehouse address
1290 E Elm St. #A-5 Ontario CA 91761

3.There is also a more handy way to search directlythe EU trademark registration number of our Shengmilo is: 018252869.


Shengmilo trademark
trademark sheng mi lo



4. You can chat with us on the official website of Shengmilo, we will be happy to reply to you. We will provide certification for all electric bikes.


Thank you for reading our guide to identifying the official Shengmilo website! Follow these tips and buy an electric bike on our website to ensure your best after-sale service. As always, we hope we answered all of your questions.

Found something we're missing, or have any suggestions? Leave us a message; we'd love to hear from you. Or, check out our other blogs now for all the latest knowledge and informative articles on electric bicycles!

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