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To begin, please accept New Bike Day's congratulations if you have just lately invested in an electric bike. Second? Find out how to take care of its most important parts. Using an electric bike is a terrific way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, and it also simplifies your commute. Preventive maintenance is the key to making sure that they stay useful, reliable, and safe for a long time.


It's important to keep in mind that electric bikes are different, whether you're a complete cycling novice or a seasoned veteran of pedal-only electric bikes. In particular, the drivetrain (wrenches, chains, and sprockets) is subject to more stress and wear. Accordingly, they need to be handled uniquely. Although they both function as bicycles and need similar upkeep due to shared parts, special attention must be paid to certain distinctions. These are the five most critical parts of an electric bike, and we'll go over each one in detail below.


Is there anything special about electric bikes?

The electric bike's motor is a key differentiating feature from a standard bicycle. Weight and power are two key areas where electric bikes diverge from their pedal-only counterparts. The electric motor and battery pack on an electric bike may add up to 15 pounds to the total weight of the bike, depending on the system. The extra weight of an electric motor makes bicycles far more robust than their pedal-only counterparts. To the tune of 15–20 pounds, electric bikes are often heavier than traditional pedal cycles. When factoring in the electric bike and the rider's total system weight, the extra weight isn't a huge concern in terms of wear (cargo is a different matter).


The more pressing issue is how exactly electric bikes supplement the rider's innate power output. This electric bike has a torque output of 95 NM.


Because of this, the frame and wheels experience greater stress, and "expendable" parts of the bicycle, such as the tires, brake pads, and drivetrain parts, such as the chains and cassettes, experience more wear. If you've been riding off-road, you'll need to change your chain and tires more often; adjusting the pedal assist mode on your electric bike may help lessen this.


One of the most important parts of an electric bike is its motor

The electric bike's motor is an integral part of the device. It is right up there with the battery in terms of how crucial it is. Riders should take all precautions to preserve the condition of their motors. Electric bike motors are notoriously costly and time-consuming to replace should the need arise. This challenge alone should be motivation enough to keep up with regular electric bike maintenance, use only the finest electric bike techniques, and safeguard the electric bike motor at all costs.



Our Shengmilo electric bikes are equipped with hub motors, housed in a geared motor that is both compact and lightweight, spinning at high speeds. The planetary reduction gears inside the electric bike motor then bring the speed down to a level suitable for the bike's wheels. This allows a lightweight, compact motor to provide substantial power and torque.


The buzzing and whirring of the hub motors is a regular complaint. To prevent a more severe issue from developing, check your electric bike immediately if the motor clicks as you slow down.



The following are some suggestions:

As you slow down, strange noises become more noticeable. You may prevent pebbles, sand, or other debris from entering your e-motorbikes by giving them a thorough cleaning before hitting the road.

To clean the motor easily, just:

Use caution while attempting to clean your electric bike with water, since you cannot just spray it down with a hose as you would with a regular bicycle. Be sure the power is entirely cut to your electric bike before removing the battery. Apply the cleaning solution gently with a cloth that has been wet just a little. Don't degrease the chain or motor if you can help it; doing so may cause premature wear.


Electric bikes can't function without batteries

There's no question that electric bike users are constantly wondering about the range, performance, and longevity of the battery. Improvements in battery technology have allowed electric bikes to become more practical over the last several years. Essentially, they don't need too much upkeep.

Swap out the batteries and make sure the ports are clean.

In the first place, take care to remove the e-battery. The bike's battery port should then be cleaned with a moist cloth to remove any debris, and the battery connection should be wiped out and oiled. Once the battery port is dry, you may reattach the battery to your electric bike.

Never use a high-pressure water jet to clean the battery.

Maintain your electric bike with frequent battery charges. If you're using the battery for the first time after it's been sitting around half charged and dormant, give it a full charge. Afterward, you won't need to bother about charging the battery before each ride; in fact, putting it off will make it last longer.


Continue to go forward with the wheels firmly in motion

Our electric bikes include low-maintenance wheels and tires made exclusively for electric bikes. You should check your tire pressure periodically to make sure it stays at the level specified by the manufacturer. Tires should be inspected for damage before every ride, and air should be added monthly or as required using a hand pump.


Tires designed for use on electric bikes can withstand a wide range of road conditions, but they still wear out after repeated usage. You may require new tires after a certain number of miles, depending on how you ride, the road conditions, and the weather. We suggest taking them to a bike shop for a replacement since they will have the right tires and tools for the job. When you replace your e-worn bike's tires, you improve the bike's performance and reduce the risk of a flat tire, which might lead to an accident.


What makes an electric bike tick is a powertrain

The powertrain of an electric bike sees the greatest action and is hence of paramount significance. A rear derailleur, chain, and crankset make up this part. You shouldn't risk riding with a broken chain. Not only will this put a stop to your trip, but you'll also have to walk your bike back to its starting point. When chains aren't kept clean and oiled, the rusting process accelerates. The best way to keep the drivetrain running smoothly is to keep it clean and well-lubricated. Regular use of an electric bike necessitates that the drivetrain is cleaned at least once each week.


Your bike may need more frequent cleaning if you ride in wet conditions, such as rain, to prevent corrosion. Cleaning the chain and crankset is as simple as wiping them down with an old cloth. A bicycle-specific chain degreaser is the best option for more thorough cleaning. The task may be simplified by using one of the several chain degreaser kits available. Following the kits' cleaning instructions is a viable option. The use of common household cleansers and degreasers is discouraged because of the risk of chain damage. Lightly lubricate the chain after cleaning it.


If you maintain your brakes properly, they will serve you well.

I think you can understand why this is crucial. If anything were to happen to your brakes, you'd be in a lot of trouble. Checking the brakes visually before each trip is a good idea since our electric bikes are equipped with high-quality brakes that give outstanding stopping force.


Brake maintenance varies depending on whether you have mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, or any other kind of brakes. All of these brakes should have a wear indicator you can inspect. Each disc brake requires removal of the caliper and inspection of the pads from inside or a full caliper inspection. In no uncertain terms, should you do this unless you are certain you can replace them without incident?



What's the frequency? monthly, then every other month.


These are tips for Keeping Your Electric Bike in Prime Condition

Taking care of your electric bike in the same way you would any other bike can help you get the most out of it and extend the life of its important parts.


Your electric bike will be much more convenient if you always have access to some fundamental assistance. As a final note, here is a brief rundown of some essentials for keeping your electric bike in tip-top shape:


● Maintain a clean bike with a well-oiled chain and properly inflated tires.


● Check for broken or loose parts regularly.


● Make sure the battery is charged and kept in a cool, dry area.


● If the battery is flat, you should not store it away.


● Don't try to charge the battery with anything else.


● Regularly check for updated software.


Don't hesitate to contact the vendor if an issue arises. Never try to work on a car's motor or battery while you're by yourself.

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    buenos consejos añadir revisar los aprietes de las partes moviles como pedales y suspension que son propensos a aflojarse.gracias al equipo de shengmilo ,recomiendo tanbien cada 2000kl lubricar el motor de cubo.gracias.

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