How do I ride an electric bike on city roads?

How do I ride an electric bike on city roads?

If you own an electric bike, you can get around town without having to deal with car costs, gas, or the worst parking spots. Instead, all you need is power, a place to put things, and enough enthusiasm.


However, there are some restrictions on the use of electric bikes in urban areas. As speed increases, security becomes more important, while bicycle theft remains a problem.
While riding in the city is less intimidating, it's possible to find a balance. Electric bikes are the key to unlocking the full potential of your city and getting you into so many things. All it takes is a little space to store stuff, some power, and an adventurous spirit. Are you ready to make some mistakes? To help you get the most out of your electric bike around town, we've put together a few tips.

Before your electric bike hits the road


Charge and recharge your electric bike battery

The battery is the most obvious difference between an electric bike and a regular bike.
It's also one of the most expensive components when damaged.
Knowing how to properly charge, maintain, and charge your battery will save you money in the long run.

How long should your electric bike be charged?

Most electric bike battery packs can be charged in their cases or removed and charged separately.
Depending on the battery charger, the light may flash or flash red while charging and turn solid green when the battery is fully charged.
Before your first ride, be sure to fully charge your new electric bike following the manufacturer's instructions.
To make sure the battery is fully charged before first use, plan to spend 8 to 12 hours charging it.

Do I need to unplug my electric bike overnight?

Everyone will tell you that lithium-ion batteries have no memory, so you can charge them at any time.
While that's probably mostly true, it's still safer to play it safe and not do anything that might discharge the battery.
Therefore, you should not let the battery drain completely. First, you probably don't want to get yourself into trouble, and second, if your electric battery bike is completely dead, it may have less range.
However, you should try to unplug your electric bike from the power source when you're not using it.
How long the battery takes to charge can be found in an article we wrote earlier. If you are wondering how to care for and maintain your electric bike battery, your best bet is to contact Shengmilo Electric Bike Manufacturing Company.

Understand your brakes

Electric bikes are heavier than conventional bikes. Because of the added weight and increased speed, it takes a lot of focus and coordination to break. Before you set off, always remember which brake lever does what and how your electric bike brakes feel.
Get to know the brand-new electric bike as soon as possible. This is something you should look out for when shopping, but once you have a bike, you absolutely must check it out. When the brake cable is pulled, the caliper closes and the brakes stop working. When you pull the brake lever, the braking force increases proportionally. Hydraulic disc brakes have no mechanical connection between the brake lever and the caliper.
Once you have a firm grasp of how the brakes work, you should double-check their adjustments. Don't worry, the electric bike isn't going anywhere; just pull the brake lever. Before the lever can reach the handle, the caliper must be engaged. If you need to slow down during a ride, do you find it easy to handle? Can you pull hard when you need to stop quickly without feeling discomfort? If something isn't quite right, check out Shengmilo's official YouTube channel for advice on how to make adjustments or head to your nearest bike repair shop.
The next thing to do is to make sure you know which lever controls the front and which controls the rear. Always use both levers for maximum stopping power; never just the front. You can just use the rear brake if you're not applying too much pressure, but it's important to remember which foot operates which brake.
To fine-tune the pad-to-rotor distance or caliper alignment, you need to listen to the pad-to-rotor friction after you start riding. Brake discs may also deform during transport. Rotating the wheel while focusing on a specific area of the brake disc is the best way to detect a bent disc. If there is any wobble, it will need to be replaced or straightened.

Wear your gear

Putting on all your electric bike gear before hitting the road is a great way to stay safe. Generally speaking, riding an electric bike requires a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Protective undershirts are another option. How you feel about your safety while riding an electric bike is the most important factor.

Prepare in advance

Novice riders frequently adopt the "well-prepared" mentality. Have you ever wondered where you want to go? It is risky for a novice to hit the road without a strategy. The battery life of an electric bike is another consideration. How confident are you about your pricing? Be sure to charge the battery before riding so that it doesn't drain!



Be extra careful around the car

Car drivers don't always know the speed of an electric bike. Many people don't realize that electric bikes are vastly faster than conventional bicycles. Therefore, riding an electric bike requires extra care. Follow all traffic laws and be very careful around pedestrians, other vehicles, and traffic coming at you.
These recommendations are the same no matter what type of electric bike you ride. If you're traveling on heavily congested city roads, don't assume the driver will notice you or give you the space you need. What it is is different from what it should be.
Using a good helmet is one measure you can take to protect yourself. To make the right decision, check out our guide.

Pay more attention to traffic

It doesn't matter whether you're new to electric bikes or an experienced rider; breaking the law can result in serious injury or even death.
Whether you ride a regular bike or an electric bike, cycling requires a lot of safety knowledge and precautions.
Wearing a helmet and reflective clothing is essential, but so is knowing the electric bike laws in your area and obeying traffic laws at all times.
Cyclists and electric bike riders often find themselves close to fast-moving vehicles and other hazards that, if not handled carefully, can be a serious hazards.
When riding, you should always take full control of your bike and never put yourself or others in danger.
Enjoy the outdoors while staying alert and protected on a Shengmilo electric bike.

Let yourself be seen

Vehicle drivers fail to recognize the threat posed by electric bikes with an extra 1,000 watts of power, leading to traffic jams. Shengmilo Electric Bike recommends installing lights and bells on your electric bike and checking the lights and reflectors to make sure they are in good working order to improve your visibility. Make sure you can see as much as possible while you ride. In addition to drivers, you also need to watch out for pedestrians and other electric bike riders, who may not be able to see or hear you unless you give them advance notice.

Check your speed

The dangers of riding electric bikes include that they are often much heavier than standard commuter bikes, can travel at higher speeds, and make other manageable obstacles like corners and hills more dangerous.
While it's important for any cyclist to understand traffic patterns, it's especially important for those who ride electric bikes. If a motorist is surprised to see a cyclist driving down the road at 20mph, an accident could occur.
The most common novice electric bike riding mistake is setting the assist level to max from the start. Everyone wants to test the limits of a new wheel, but before cranking up the power, riders should get a feel for the electric bike at low speeds.

Brake lightly and evenly

Braking is especially important for electric bikes because they are heavier and faster than conventional bikes. If you brake too hard or too often, not only will you shorten the life of the electric brake pads, but you will also reduce the mileage per charge because you have to pedal harder to get back up to speed.

After riding


Take care of your electric bike

For the most part, electric bikes can be maintained just like traditional bikes. There are a few extra features that require expert attention, but generally, you just need to focus on the basics:
Inflate your bike tires.
Get some chain lube and oil and put it where it belongs.
Make sure they are working properly by checking them.
The only other parts of the bike to look out for are the battery and motor. Thankfully, there are only rare instances where any of these products will suffer serious damage from a break. When your electric bike finally stops working, you should take it to a shop that only repairs electric bikes.

To ensure the maximum lifespan of an electric bike battery, you should treat it like any other modern battery. Try to fully charge the battery, but don't leave it plugged in indefinitely.


Every time you ride an electric bike, the same safety precautions should be taken. Don't assume the driver will see you or give you the room you need if you're in heavy traffic. What it is is not what it ought to be.

The first step in making sure you're safe is to put on a good helmet. Utilize our guide to find the ideal solution for your requirements.


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