The Best Tips for Storing Your Electric Bike

The Best Tips for Storing Your Electric Bike

Many people have discovered the joys of riding an e-bike, whether it's a leisurely ride through town or a high-speed adventure through the woods. You can also hop on an e-bike for a quick ride to work.


No matter how you plan to use it, finding a safe place to store your e-bike and preparing it for storage are essential steps.


Electric bikes can suffer permanent damage if not stored properly. My e-bike continues to look like new after I figured out the best way to maintain it.


Clean Your Electric Bike Before Storage


Similar to the way you maintain your e-bike, you should clean and maintain your e-bike regularly. The Shengmilo e-bike is IPX4 rated, which means it is immune to splashing water from any angle. Washing e-bikes with pressurized water, such as from a garden hose jet or pressure washer, is not recommended, but "rain" water from a garden hose works very well.


The frame of an e-bike should be thoroughly cleaned and dried with a clean, dry cloth before storing it. Clean the battery terminals thoroughly, making sure they are dry and free from corrosion. By turning the pedals, lubricating the chain, and polishing the chrome on your bike, you protect it from dirt, debris, corrosion, and other damage, ensuring that your e-bike continues to perform at its best.


How to Store Your Electric Bike


The electrical components and equipment on an e-bike are particularly sensitive to heat. It's best to store your e-bike in a dry, cool place, such as a garage, or, if you live in a particularly humid climate, a shed, if you want to keep it looking its best. When not in use, e-bikes should be stored between 32 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (between freezing and room temperature). Even if it can withstand temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, the electronics inside your e-bike can be damaged, so we don't recommend leaving it there for long periods.


Storing Electric Bike Batteries


Batteries for e-bikes should be stored in a location that is not close to the bike itself. Thus, the battery will be protected from dust and moisture. For example, if it gets cold when you store your e-bike, you will need to remove the battery from the bike and put it in a warm place.


Never fully charge your e-bike battery, nor leave it charged while in storage. Batteries can be damaged if left at 100% or 0% charge for extended periods or left on a charger for extended periods. It is therefore recommended to charge it to 50% capacity for maximum lifespan.


Before storing an e-bike, the battery must be turned off. Condensation can form with temperature fluctuations, and over time it can corrode the battery's contacts. Therefore, the first step in preparing your e-bike for long-term storage is to remove the battery. Damage can be prevented by applying a small amount of grease to the battery contacts. With a removable battery, the Shengmilo is one of the best senior-friendly e-bikes on the market.


Storing Electric Bike Tires


You should take good care of your tires because they allow you to travel as much as you want. Maintenance includes ensuring proper air pressure and checking for damage.


Inflating the tire's inner tube with too much air risks a rupture.


Some riders may benefit from a little more air in their tires, as doing so may improve their traction on some surfaces but not others. Low tire pressure is a given; tires can easily blow out if they run low on air.


Are the tires on your bike constantly spinning? Many people who change front tires do so by rotating their bicycle wheels in reverse. No, but it might work.


Keep a portable air pump and tire patch with you. Always proceed with caution, especially when cycling in the backcountry.


Keep your e-bike in a safe, dry place


Let's say you leave your e-bike outside, exposing it to the elements. In wet and snowy conditions, e-bike components are prone to rust and freeze. Electric bikes are especially prone to rust, as it builds up and prevents the bike from functioning properly.


If you want your e-bike to last as long as possible, you should protect it from the elements.


Keep your e-bike in a clean place


It's probably not the best idea to keep your e-bike and woodworking tools in the same shed. Permanent damage is what dirt and debris can do to your e-bike. Therefore, you should maintain a clean and dust-free environment. Finally, wash your e-bike thoroughly before storing it.


Where should I store my e-bike when I'm not riding it?

in your garage

Electric bikes can be stored horizontally on the floor or vertically in the garage. The way you secure your e-bike in your garage depends on the size and structure of your garage.


Put your e-bike on the garage floor


If you only keep e-bikes in your garage, then storing them separately is perfectly fine. To keep your bike safe, you should use a garage that won't get in the water and double-check that the garage door is closed before locking it.


Floor stands are recommended if you plan to store multiple bikes in the garage. Thanks to the use of floor racks, bike safety is not compromised by a potential domino effect.


Store the e-bike upright in the garage


There are two ways to store e-bikes vertically in the garage: on the wall or pulleys in the ceiling.


Keep e-bikes in the apartment


The bike can be stored vertically on the floor if there is no other space. It's better to cover it up, preferably with something waterproof, just in case. Even an old sheet is enough to keep dirt and debris out of the working parts of your e-bike.


If both your apartment and your e-bike can be safely stored on a wall mount, then you can use one of these with peace of mind. Before installing a wall mount in your apartment, you should consider your bike's weight and tire width.


Also, if your e-bike weighs more than 65 pounds, it shouldn't be stored on a wall mount at home. Also, if your lease states that you are not allowed to make any permanent changes to the apartment, including drilling holes in the walls, then you should not use wall mounts.


Balcony space for storing e-bikes


You can, of course, put your e-bike on the balcony. A bike tent or waterproof cover is a must for e-bike storage.


Put away your e-bike for winter


When you put away your e-bike for the winter, you're not just putting it away for a few days. Extreme weather, such as prolonged periods of rain and snow and the possibility of sub-zero temperatures, are also hallmarks of winter. Consider all of these details when deciding where to keep your e-bike for the winter.


Every rider must use common sense when storing and maintaining e-bikes. If you follow these steps, you can look forward to years of buying pleasure. Follow the above guidelines for storing your e-bike every time you take it out of storage, and whenever you want to take it out for a weekend of fun and put it back in storage, it's ready to go. Also, remember to exercise extra caution when engaging in outdoor activities on roads or trails.

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