How To Run An Electric Bike Faster? 10 Useful Ways

How To Run An Electric Bike Faster? 10 Useful Ways

When riding an e-bike, you may notice that it is slower than you would like. There is absolutely nothing to worry about here. Even if the motor on your e-bike is running at max speed, there are still 10 ways to increase the speed.


You can increase the speed of an e-bike in one of two ways, but replacing the motor is the best option. Alternatively, you can completely upgrade the engine with one that produces more power, or you can install an extra battery to increase the currently available and thus improve your steering ability. On the other hand, if you want to learn how to increase the speed of your e-bike, read on.


1. programming settings

As mentioned earlier, most commercially available e-bikes will include a built-in throttle that limits top speed. All of these safety measures are for your safety and to make sure you follow the speed limit laws in your area.


Whatever speed limiter your e-bike has, it needs to be moddable. The Shengmilo e-bike is an example, as the top speed can be set via a menu on the display. It can travel between 28 and 15 miles per hour, making it adaptable to a variety of situations.


This should help you understand how to adjust the top speed of your Shengmio e-bike.


2. replace the motor

You can also increase the speed of your e-bike by changing the motor. In electric motors, power is usually measured in watts and torque. No matter what engine you choose, make sure it has enough power and torque.


For example, the Shengmilo MX03 can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h with its 1000 W and 95 Nm motor.


3. Replace the battery with a higher-voltage battery

Increasing the voltage of the battery is the fastest way to significantly increase the speed of the motor. However, before making any major changes, such as upgrading a 36V battery to a 48V battery, make sure your controller can handle the higher voltage (most can accept a slight overvoltage). If you are unsure of the voltage rating of your controller, contact the manufacturer (usually on the capacitor). Replacing the battery can cause an explosion if the controller cannot handle the increased voltage.


Remember that unless you replace your old battery meter with a new one of the correct voltage, it may no longer provide accurate readings.


4. Keep your electric bike battery cool

If you maintain your battery properly, you can get the most out of it and keep it running longer. Store the battery in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight to keep the battery cool. If you ride an electric bike, keep a portable cooler with you. It keeps cool this way when the battery is not in use. Electric bikes must be charged for at least three months before long-term storage. This will protect the battery from damage when it's not being charged, extending its life.


5. Reduce the weight of e-bikes

An easy way to increase the speed of your e-bike is to lighten its load. Some people prefer to replace the battery with a smaller, more portable option for portability. This reduces the overall weight of the bike but leaves you stranded in the event of a mechanical failure or the need for more power.


The next step is to remove any clutter, such as empty water bottles or unused luggage racks. By removing these parts, the e-bike will be lighter and easier to pedal. If that's not enough, maybe new tires or lighter wheels will help. Keep them away from slippery surfaces such as ice and sand, as this may reduce their traction.


6. Replacing tires on electric bikes

If you currently have wider tires, you should probably consider fitting your e-bike with narrower tires. To make your bike handle like a pro, you can use thinner tires or smoother tires. While deep-tread tires improve handling, they also reduce top speed to a more pedestrian-friendly level, so choose carefully. If you feel that e-bike tires are better suited for mountain biking, you may want to consider upgrading them. The speed of your Shengmilo bike will increase as the rolling resistance decreases.

7. Pump up your tires

Another way to reduce rolling resistance is to increase tire pressure. Tires inflated to the near maximum rated pressure will prevent snake bites and increase speed.


The trade-off is a harder ride. If your tires can't absorb some of the road shocks, you'll feel every bump.


8. change your riding position

If you don't want to modify your e-bike, it is recommended that you change your riding position. But now? Let me elaborate.


If you bend over while riding, there is less air resistance. A more aerodynamic body requires less effort to move faster against the wind.


Therefore, we recommend that you squat or bend over when riding an e-bike. The less air resistance your e-bike has, the faster you can go.


9. Adjust your brakes

Replacing an e-bike's brakes is one of the most effective ways to customize it. Proper adjustment of disc brakes is critical. If the pads come into contact with the rotor, they will wear out faster and sparks may develop. The calipers of a disc brake system must be adjusted to ensure proper alignment with the rotors. As a result, they can apply more consistent pressure and benefit from greater leverage. Adjusting the thickness of the brake pad material can improve the stopping power of an e-bike, which is especially useful when riding downhill or in wet conditions.


10. Your Electric Bike Should Be Cleaned

Did you know that most people don't ride a bike 97% of the time? That means there are a lot of bikes that need cleaning. The easiest and quickest way to keep your bike looking like new is to clean it often.


Before doing anything else, clean any mud or grime off your tires with a sponge and some water. The next step is to clean the frame using soap and water. Dust can easily collect in cracks and crevices, so keep an eye out for them. Everything should be given a quick rinse and then towel dried. Using an alcohol-based cleaner is another quick way to kill germs. Last but not least, make sure the chain and any other moving parts are well-oiled. For a more shiny finish, wax it. In no time, you'll be riding on shiny new wheels.


Why you probably don't want to increase the speed of your e-bike

You may have heard that e-bikes are slower than regular bikes. This is good and bad. First, if you have an e-bike, you can ride it to work in cities with a speed limit of 25 km/h or less. This can be helpful if you want to go to work early or if you want to work out before work. Let me tell you why making your bike go faster is probably not a good idea.


1. risk of injury

Riding an e-bike is riskier because it can go faster. This is because the bike can go faster and therefore has a higher chance of crashing. If a rider suddenly loses control of the bike while descending a hill at 28 mph, he or she could run into something or someone.


2. More muscle strains

Remember, the motor won't help you reach such high speeds; your leg muscles will. So you have to pedal hard, which can make your muscles sore. Some people prefer not to ride an e-bike because they may get injured.


in conclusion

Remember, with incredible speed comes incredible responsibility. Follow the rules of the road. Put on your helmet. Also, don't push yourself or your e-bike past your limits.


While accelerating on the highway can be exciting, it's just as rewarding to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

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