electric bike specialist in Spain
Asier Gonzalez

Hey, Guys, my name is Asier Gonzalez. I'm an electric bike specialist since 2012. Based in Valencia(Spain), my passion is and has always been providing the best quality and price for the most powerful eBikes. Shengmilo brand represent all these important values that we want to keep improving and growing. We work hard each day to make our customers happy and join in our trip.

I love music, playing electric guitar and of course riding my Shengmilo MX01 to
go in the mountain with my family.

I've been to different countries in Europe which are wonderful, like
Portugal, France, Germany and I have also been in Shenzhen two times visiting my partners and friends before the situation. I hope I can go back to China soon.

Shengmilo is the most powerful brand in the market, and we love that.
The production and quality is very high and improving everything that needs to
be improved. That is what we want for our eBikes.

Shengmilo has been improving the quality and production, also is very
helpful with post-sales service. Another important subject is that they are
making new models very often and that makes the brand strive. I will suggest
having more stock and work closely with the partners of the brand.

Power of the motor and power of the battery. For me, these are the most
essential factors for an eBike. Of course price and quality of the components
is also critical.

Powerful, affordable and exciting.

Yes, the bike is worth the money because of their powerful combination of motor,
battery, and controller. Also, the brand have a great post-sales service which is indispensable for the customers. I recommend it every day to family, friends and of course our customers.

It is not hard because 90% of the assembly it is already done in the
factory, when you get the bike just have to do easy operations to finish the assembly that takes around 30 minutes or less. You can also contact Shengmilo for any doubt you could have.

The powerful and exciting of riding the bike. Their combination of
electronic components are wonderful.

Yes, Shengmilo made affordable high-end and powerful eBikes that before them, other brands were expensive and not even as powerful as Shengmilo is.

Electric bikes are the only way we can solve all the big challenges we have in our lives now. Better for the city pollution, traffic jams, it protects our hard earn money by saving costs of movement around cities compared to other vehicles and above all they make us happier and healthier. What more can you ask for? Nothing, eBikes have everything.

After the situation our lives changed dramatically and the only solution to improve them better than before are electric bikes. We should take lessons for what occurred and accelerate the change for an eBike life.

We face many challenges, but the change to an eBike lifestyle can't be stopped, it
is already happening and will keep growing and making all of our lives improve
each day.