Italian photographer
Francesco tagliamonte

Hey, Guys, my name is Francesco tagliamonte. I am an amateur photographer in Italy and also a distributor and Italian representative of Shengmilo.

A: In my spare time I like 3D printing, and also the coloring of the models I print, all the necessary post-production.
When the weather is good and allows it, I take long bike rides with friends.

A: In recent years I traveled more, then due to the restrictions of recent years, it was not easy for me to travel abroad. When I can, however, I rediscover the area where I live, here in Campania, Italy. A country rich in history and wonderful places.

A: Shengmilo is the best electric bike manufacturer I have known. Before choosing Shengmilo, I contacted several dozen other brands, but the only one I trusted and trusted was precisely Shengmilo. They produce and sell directly in Europe and in the world. Always fast in solving problems and doubts.

A: Trust quickly became friendship, true. I was lucky enough to meet them in person here in Naples. They are friendly and have a young and fair spirit, winning. Every day I promote their products on various social networks and I have no difficulty in doing so, because their products are truly the best.

A: Le bici devono adattarsi alle proprie esigenze personali, prima fisiche, poi di gestione. Personalmente sono un ragazzo alto e utilizzo la bicicletta sopratutto per andarci al lavoro in ufficio. Quindi ho dovuto scegliere una bici adatta a queste mie esigenze personali ed ho scelto la MX02s.

A: Comfortable, Ecological, The Future

A:Unfortunately the prices are variable, after a few years I have noticed that there have been ups and downs. Personally, I would recommend everyone to travel by electric, although batteries are unfortunately still highly polluting. But this road will be the future, so I will always recommend it.

A:It is certainly not easy to assemble a bike totally from scratch without knowing the components and what they are for. Certainly with a lot of practice and above all with a lot of passion, you can do it.

A:I was lucky enough to try different Shengmilo bike models, each model has pros and cons. I can say that for my physical characteristics, the best for me is the Mx02s. A 26 " Mountain Bike with 4" Fat Wheels. Hydraulic brakes and perfect chassis even without the electric mode.

A:Yes, I rediscovered the pleasure of pedaling and feeling the wind on my face, things I no longer remembered from my childhood.

A:Unfortunately, I do not know how long the planet earth will be able to bear the presence of man who daily exploits and destroys nature. Oil prices have gone crazy due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, I advise everyone to use cars less and to use bicycles more.