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Ron Walker

Hey guys! I've lived and worked as a mountain guide in the Scottish Highlands for well over thirty years and often use skis and traditional mt bikes for fun excursions through the local forests and off-road mountain trails. Recently I'd been intrigued by the possibility that electric fat tyred bikes might make the approach to some remote mountain areas for climbing and skiing quicker and  easier however the costs were often prohibitive and info on how they'd perform in the often cold and wet Scottish hills non existant!

This was when I came across Shengmilo and after a lot of research using Google and YouTube I decided to contact them direct and ordered a MX03 fat bike. I was initially worried it might be a scam so was delighted when contacted. Shengmilo support were very helpful and friendly with lots of regular updates and all in perfect English!  When the bike arrived a few weeks later it actually far exceeded my expectations, given the reasonable factory price!

Seamless hero videos

My first impressions were it's big and it's powerful and I was amazed at how easily it handled the rough and loose off-road tracks that surround my remote cottage. Since the first outing I've been documenting how I find it on my YouTube channel and have been surprised at the interest received worldwide from the videos! We run a YouTube channel at RonWalker Cairngorm Guides. This channel shares lots of climbing and skiing footage taken when guiding with clients, for fun and has the odd few reviews and outdoor how-to tips. It now has a lot of Shengmilo fat-bike headcam footage of the local trails in the Cairngorms taken in the dry and even in deep snow and has a fat-bike playlist! The MX03 bike makes it a lot easier to get around and now that friends Fi and Ian have bought their own electric fa-bikes I won't feel so guilty about using the full electrical assistance when out cycling with them!! So lots of adventures planned for the Spring and Summer which I will of course be filming so please like and subscribe. 😎


I'd never ridden a fat bike before as pedalling seemed like hard work compared to a normal bicycle but with the MX03 e-bike you can tackle most off road terrain with ease.

A: The bike was well packaged and after watching the YouTube video it was very easy to assemble in just over an hour with the included tools.

A: Most definitely the stability and grip of the fat tyres along with the powefull hydraulic brakes, motor and high capacity battery and solid build quality. 

A: I live out in the hills with plenty of off-road trails in my backyard, see my YouTube channel at!

A: Most definitely now as an OAP it'll keep me fitter and prolong my old knees and hips with a lot less jarring to the joints due to the fat tyres and suspension. 

A: I live in the perfect place for using and enjoying a fat-tyred e-bike 😊

A: Subscribe to my channel if you want to find out about some stunning off-road routes in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland!

A:Only two bikes the MX03 fat bike and a normal Specialised Rock Hopper!

A: Most certainly as you can cycle them like a normal bike only using the lowest power assistance when necessary to get the best battery range. Also if you have a knee injury or arthritis it helps even out the discomfort and strengthens the muscles. 

A: Don't think about it, get it, you definitely won't regret it! 

Shengmilo MX04 is Lighter and smoother and better in heavy rain, it is pissing down here! Should be much more suitable for smaller and lighter riders and better for road use and shopping! I used the thumb throttle and it coped with a reasonable hill without slowing down or needing to pedal.

Outdoor picture of MX04 in rainy days

I took some video of my first impressions today in the rain!

Shengmilo MX04 mountain electric bike is popular in the UK
Shengmilo MX04 after heavy rain
Can Electric Bikes Be Rained?

The Shengmilo MX04 retro e-bike pictured just had a ride in the rain and it's working great! The waterproof level of the instrument and Bafang motor has reached IPX5, so I am very relieved.

The shengmilo MX04 instrument has strong waterproof ability, high temperature and cold resistance, and high reliability
Shengmilo MX04 Bafang Motor, IPX5 waterproof level